How To Sign a Document Sent by Email

Nowadays, signing documents is a regular part of our lives, and technology has made it much easier to do so. After all, we need to sign documents for legal, accounting, and tax purposes, as well as to open a bank account, get a job, and obtain housing. When someone emails you a document, you generally […]

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How To Do a Wet Signature on PDF: 5 Steps

While digital signatures are fast becoming the mainstream signature type for signing official documents, it doesn’t sound the death knell for wet ink signatures. In fact, the rapid evolution of e-signing tech and platforms like jSign has enhanced the collection of wet signatures on PDF.  Today, you can create and collect original physical signatures electronically […]

How To Create a Signature Image

Signing documents online is a great way to save time, improve workflow efficiency, and cut costs. But to sign documents electronically, you first need to create a signature PNG that you can add to documents. To create a signature image, you can use your handwritten signature and either take a picture to upload to your […]

The ESIGN Act – Explained

Many businesses and their customers use electronic signatures to finalize agreements and contracts. After all, this method is more efficient and convenient than collecting wet signatures in person. However, the question is: Are electronic signatures as valid and binding as wet signatures? Under the ESIGN Act, the answer is yes if all parties to the […]

How to Write a Contract Agreement for Payment: Everything You Need to Know

Are you receiving a loan? Lending money to someone? If so, you could benefit from drawing up a contract agreement for payment. This document gets all the important details about the terms of your loan in writing. That way, you can make sure each party holds up their end of the contract.  Not sure how […]

Can Documents be Stored with Blockchain Technology?

Frequent cyberattacks signal that our data is unsafe from vicious attacks, and we need to safeguard it better. We need advanced technology to protect our documents and control how others access them. The solution is file storage on a blockchain, but is it possible to store documents safely with blockchain technology? Yes, but this answer alone […]

Should You Sign a HIPAA Form?

In today’s world of cyber attacks and hacks, we have a lot of personal information to protect. While most of us think of our social security number or banking information when we think about sensitive information that we need to protect, there’s another category that you might overlook: your healthcare information. A privacy law is in […]

How to Add a Signature in Pages: Four Easy Ways Compared

The Pages word-processing app on MacBook and other Apple devices is a useful way to read and edit documents. It also allows you to collaborate on cloud-based files in real time.  This means you can work in tandem with your team on documents. Sometimes, you’ll need to sign those documents.  But it can be wasteful […]

Signature Style: What Does Your Signature Say About You?

It’s true what they say. Handwriting says a lot about your personality. And your signature is no different. From the size of your letters to the amount of pressure you apply when writing, your signature style reflects who you are as a person. In this post, we’ll take a look at different elements of signatures […]

A Complete Guide to Contract Disputes

Contracts allow people and businesses to formalize agreements so everyone understands their legal obligations and benefits. However, even after all of the parties involved sign a contract, they sometimes disagree over definitions, terms, or conditions. These contract disputes make it hard to do business, slow down the delivery of goods or services, and even lead […]

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