Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How are jSign® accounts validated at sign up?

jSign accounts are validated via email using a one-time code that is sent to the customer’s smartphone.

Do I need to install software or download an app to use jSign?

No. There is no software or App required by the sender or the recipient to sign a jSign document.

Where do I start?

You can start the signing process by uploading a file from the Dashboard or Documents menu.

How do I add my electronic signature to my account?

From the Account Details screen > My Profile menu option, you can change the default signature by drawing or importing one.

Using jSign

Is the dashboard the only place where I can upload my documents?

No. Actually, you can upload new files/documents also from the Documents page by clicking the “Upload Document” function in the left pane.

Where can I view all of my documents?

From the Documents menu, select the document to open the Document Details screen. Details about that document will display, including a list of signers.

Can I keep a favorites list for my contacts in jSign?

Yes. The Contacts page allows you to create and save groups or individual contacts to a quick list. This allows you to send a document to be signed by multiple people with one click without having to enter the names and email addresses every time.

How do I search for a document?

You can search for a document from the Documents menu using the search feature.

Do my recipients need a jSign account to sign a document?

No. Recipients do not need to have a jSign account to sign a document sent to them by a jSign requester. They will receive an “Invitation to Sign” via email and prompted to continue as a guest and proceed to sign.

Can I send a document to all my signers at the same time?

Yes. You can send a document to multiple recipients at once (parallel) or in the order set by the sender (sequentially). You can also choose the order and the type of signature required from each signer.

How can I tell if my document has been sent to the recipient?

You can confirm that a document has been sent through tracking in the Documents menu.

What sources can I use to upload files to jSign?

You can upload a file from a local network location or from external services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. You will need to add the external services to your jSign account from the Document Settings menu.

How can I check the status and track a sent document?

You can track the documents that you send for signatures from the Documents menu. The Document page shows the status of signers.

Can I set due dates for documents to be signed by recipients?

Yes. When the Review & Send screen displays, after all other steps in the signing process are complete, you can set a due date in the Signing Due Date field.

What is an envelope?

Just like a physical paper envelope, an envelope with jSign contains all the documents you want to send. While there may be a limit on the number of envelopes you can send depending on your plan, the number of documents you can put in an envelope is unlimited.


Is jSign secure?

Yes. jSign has QR code technology which allows you to instantly verify if your document has been altered after it was signed. From the Verify page, you can use the drag and drop tool to upload your signed document and use your camera to scan the QR code to include it in the signing process and secure your document. If any changes were made to your document to your document that were not part of the original document, we will notify you.


How do I upgrade to a paid jSign account?

When your free trial ends, you can upgrade to a paid jSign service plan from within your account. Once logged in, go to: Settings > User Management > Change Plan.

What document formats does the paid version support?

Expanded file types will be supported in the paid version of jSign: XLS, XLSX, BMP, JPEG, JPG, PNG, PPT and PPTX.

How do I cancel my jSign account?

Please click here for cancellation instructions.