How to cancel your jSign® account

Sorry to see you go! If you want to cancel your subscription, you can easily do it online:


Go to the Subscription tile on your jSign Dashboard.


Click the Details button.


Click on Cancel Subscription.

Or you can Contact Us to cancel.

Questions & Answers

No, you can no longer access your documents once your account is closed. Before you cancel your account, be sure to save any important documents.

Your account will be closed at the end of your current billing period, so you can use jSign® and access signed documents until then.

You’ll receive an email that contains a cancel confirmation number, which confirms your account was closed.

Before your account can be closed, we require outstanding balances to be paid. Please contact us if you have an outstanding balance. To verify your account before canceling, we’ll need the email associated with your jSign account and the last four digits of your card on file.

jSign refund policy is to refund annual subscriptions within 7 days from the charge date and for monthlies within 24-48 hours from the charge date.