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jSign®’s online signature generator makes it easy to create personalized electronic signatures in a matter of seconds. Just type your name or initials and let our electronic signature generator do the rest.

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What is a Signature Generator?

A signature generator is a free, easy-to-use tool that lets users quickly create electronic signatures online.

After customizing your electronic signature, you can use it to sign documents online, helping you save time and money by avoiding having to print out and sign documents by hand.

Cursive signature generators like this one offer a variety of signature styles for users to choose from, making it easy to create an eSignature that is uniquely yours.

What is an Electronic Signature?

Electronic signatures are electronic representations of your handwritten signature. Like handwritten signatures, electronic signatures are legally binding and enforceable, making them a convenient alternative to wet ink signatures.

You can create electronic signatures using a variety of methods, including using a handwritten signature generator, taking a picture of your handwritten signature, using an electronic signing pad, or typing your signature.

What Can You Use Electronic Signatures For?

Electronic signatures are extremely convenient and versatile, making them ideal for both personal and professional use.

You can use electronic signatures to sign important documents like:

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Sales contracts
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Rental Agreements
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Hiring contracts
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Medical docuements
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And more!

By using an online signature platform like jSign® that is compliant with major eSignature laws, you can skip the tedious physical signing process and start signing documents electronically.

Benefits of Electronic Signatures

Compared to traditional handwritten signatures, electronic signatures offer a variety of advantages that make them better suited for everyday use.
Electronic signatures are:
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Electronic signatures are more cost-effective than wet ink signatures as they eliminate the need to manage, store, and process paper documents. Using electronic signatures cuts down on expenses like ink, paper, printer maintenance, etc.

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Electronic signatures make it easy to sign documents quickly. Instead of having to print out, sign, and scan documents, you can simply sign documents online and send them to others instantly.

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Electronic signature platforms like jSign use blockchain technology to track documents throughout the signing process, making it easier to verify their authenticity and prevent tampering.

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Easy to use

ESignatures couldn’t be easier to use. Platforms like jSign let users simply click on empty signature fields to automatically fill them with their electronic signatures.

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Easy to organize

Signing documents online makes it easier to store and organize documents. Instead of managing paper documents, you can instantly save your documents to the cloud for easy access.

For individuals who frequently need to sign important documents, electronic signatures are a convenient alternative to traditional wet ink signatures.

How to Sign Documents Online

After creating your electronic signature, you can immediately start using it to sign documents online.

The easiest way to sign documents electronically is to use a platform like jSign to manage all of your digital documents.

Here’s how to sign documents online with jSign:

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Once all signers have completed the document, you’ll receive a link to save the document alongside a Certificate of Completion to help verify the authenticity of the document.

Electronic Signature Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

Here’s everything you need to know about how to make an electronic signature.

There are several different ways to create a signature. You can use an online signature generator, take a picture of your handwritten signature, or use a platform like jSign to create an electronic signature.

When creating your signature, you should consider what you want your signature to convey and what style you want your signature to emulate. While there are no rules for creating your signatures, your signature should generally resemble your name or initials.

To make a handwritten signature, you should choose what parts of your name you want to include, pick a style that represents yourself, and feel free to get creative. Handwritten signatures are generally written in cursive as it makes it seem more professional and is more difficult for others to replicate.

Yes, there are signature generators available online. You can use the jSign electronic signature generator to quickly create a personalized signature.

If you want your signature to stand out, try getting creative and making several different signatures to find the style that you prefer. Online signature generators make this easy by allowing you to choose from a variety of templates and signature styles.

A signature generator is an online tool that allows you to create a digital signature. There are a few ways that a signature generator can create this digital signature. One option is to turn your handwritten signature into a digital signature. This is often accomplished by taking a photo of your handwritten signature and uploading it into a signature generator. Another option is to type your name into the generator. Then, the generator will turn your typed name into a signature. You’ll get to adjust your signature and choose the font, size, and style. After using a signature generator to create a digital signature, you can add it to your documents.

If you only need to sign one document, a great option to get a free email signature generator is to take advantage of a free trial. JSign offers a 14-day free trial for our regular jSign account, jSign Plus, and jSign Pro accounts. In addition to allowing you to use the service to create a digital signature and sign documents, this free trial is also a great chance to try out jSign’s other services.

There are a few options to write your own signature online. Each can be accomplished using a signature generator service like jSign.

To get the most accurate digital signature, you’ll want to handwrite your signature on paper and take a picture of your signature. You can then upload the picture to the signature generator to create your digital signature. Another option is to use your laptop’s touchpad or computer mouse to draw your signature directly into the signature generator. The final option is to type your name into a signature generator. Then, the generator will turn your name into a signature. You can adjust your digital signature by choosing different fonts, styles, and sizes.

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