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What are electronic signature APIs?

Electronic signature APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) streamline and optimize the entire signing process. jSign APIs offer a cost-effective way to implement a solid, secure, and reliable eSignature process into your organization’s document workflows.

This allows our ISV, SaaS, and software partners, as well as enterprise clients, to integrate eSignature capability in their applications or provide integration options to their clients.

How are electronic signature APIs more efficient than traditional signatures?

Electronic signature APIs offer several advantages that make them faster, more cost-effective, and more efficient compared to traditional paper-based signature processes. jSign APIs include enhanced security, efficient document management, scalability, and compliance with legal standards.

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Faster Turnaround Time

Electronic signature APIs automate the entire signature process, reducing the need for manual handling and physical document transportation. This results in significantly faster turnaround times, often reducing signing processes from days to minutes.

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Electronic signatures eliminate the need for paper, printing, and physical storage, leading to substantial cost savings. Plus, there’s no need to send physical documents via courier or postal services, saving on postage fees and courier charges.

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Electronic signature solutions can integrate with other systems to validate data, reducing errors related to manual data entry.

Integrate eSignature capability into your applications today!

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Features to enhance your existing workflows

With jSign APIs, clients can build custom signature processes for their unique workflows. The following key features can be accessed:

Send requests to sign your key documents

Create a solid audit trail & prevent signature tampering with blockchain technology

Manage users, reporting, and analytics with the admin portal

Configure two-factor authentications through mobile number & email

Enforce signer location with GPS (lat/long) while signing an envelope

Track the entire signature process, get updates, and a certificate of completion

Build business rules, such as signing sequentially, in parallel, or in hybrid signing order

Set due dates and send reminders while creating an envelope

Save signed documents in the jSign cloud for easy reference

Integrate with Dropbox and Google Drive for easy storage

Supports popular file formats: doc, .docx, .pdf, .xis, xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, jpg, .bmp, .png.

Secure & reliable eSignatures for any industry

Graphs & Data

Financial Services

jSign’s reliable electronic signature service provides industry-compliant e-signing for finance and banking. Our security features, such as blockchain stamping, audit trails, and two-factor authentication, ensure the authenticity of signatures and documents. jSign APIs can be integrated into workflows such as:

  • Account forms

  • Change of beneficiary forms

  • Delegations of authority

  • Compliance processes

  • Redemption requests

  • Agreements

  • Contracts

  • Legal documentation

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jSign allows law firms to collect signatures and organize documents more efficiently, easily, and safely than ever before, complying with governmental regulations. jSign APIs can be integrated into systems processing these workflows and more:

  • Court submissions

  • Agreements

  • NDAs

  • Legal forms

  • Onboarding new clients

  • Settlements

  • Living wills

  • Power of attorney

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jSign’s HIPAA-compliant electronic signatures provide a better care experience for patients and healthcare staff by processing forms, claims, and pharmaceutical documents quicker and easier. jSign APIs can be integrated into payers’ or providers’ workflows, such as:

  • Automate patient form fill

  • New patient forms

  • Claims processing

  • Prior authorizations

  • Admissions

  • Consent forms

  • Referrals

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jSign’s electronic signature service can significantly reduce the time spent on insurance claims, policies, and appraisals. eSignatures provide competitive advantages for insurance agents, resulting in faster onboarding and claim settlement transactions. jSign APIs can be integrated into these workflows and more:

  • Onboarding agents and customers

  • Policy applications

  • Account maintenance forms

  • Claim and appraisal forms

  • Quotes & agreements

  • Prior authorizations

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Real Estate

jSign expedites the signature process, allowing agents to sign and send contracts on any mobile device and close deals on the go. jSign APIs support integrations in these workflows and more:

  • Pre-approvals, offers, and counter-offers

  • Leases and rental agreements

  • Residential and closing disclosures

  • Mortgage forms

  • Name and seller’s affidavits

  • Certificate of occupancy

  • Bill of sale



jSign offers electronic signature solutions specifically designed for the accounting and tax services industry, providing security features such as audit trails, blockchain stamping, and two-factor authentication to ensure the authenticity of signatures and documents. With jSign, completing services becomes faster, easier, less challenging, and can support workflows like:

  • Loan and mortgage applications

  • Account opening and contracts

  • Subscription documents

  • Trade confirmations

  • Delegations of authority

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Human Resources

jSign API services facilitate the automation of HR processes for efficient form and document approvals. Featuring sophisticated capabilities such as automated form-fill, HR systems can auto-populate form fields, present the form to a signer, and enable them to make real-time corrections. Upon submission of the updated form, jSign APIs send the signed document to the requesting system, along with the corrected information. This eliminates manual database updates, saves time, and mitigates errors. Moreover, jSign APIs enhance workflows by:

  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

  • 1099 forms

  • Offer letters

  • W2 workforce contracts

  • Acknowledgment letters

  • Onboarding forms

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