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How To Sign Electronically

jSign® makes it easy to create electronic signatures, sign documents, and collect signatures from others right from your computer.

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Electronic Signatures Made Easy

Using your electronic signature to sign a document is one of the most convenient, most secure, and fastest ways to facilitate important business communications. With jSign®, users can easily create a custom electronic signature, sign documents, send documents to others, and receive real-time notifications when their documents have been signed.

Whether you’re in the office or on the go, digital signatures enable professionals to take care of time-sensitive tasks from anywhere. From contracts to invoices and business agreements, jSign lets you electronically sign a wide variety of document types to streamline communications and reduce delays.

Effortlessly Create a Custom E-Signature

If you need to sign a document online, we’ve got you covered.

jSign offers several ways for users to create custom electronic signatures that they can use to sign all of their important business documents.

You can:
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Use your mobile device to take a picture of a signature to electronically sign documents.

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Draw electronic signatures with your finger or a stylus.

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Choose from a set of predefined electronic signatures.

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Upload an image of your signature from your phone or computer.

jSign offers unmatched flexibility and customization to ensure users are able to find a solution that meets the needs of themselves and their colleagues.

How To Electronically Sign a Document

Interested in learning how to sign something electronically?

By creating your own electronic signature with jSign, you can sign, send, and track important documents in a matter of minutes without leaving your computer.

jSign couldn’t be any easier to use. Just follow these steps to get started:

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After sending the document to your intended recipients, you will receive real-time notifications when they receive and sign it alongside a link to download the completed document.
Users can add their custom electronic signatures to nearly all commonly used document types, including Word documents, PDFs, .xls, xlsx, .txt .ppt, and .pptx files.

Endless Applications

jSign provides users with the world’s leading electronic signature solution and can be used in a wide range of industries and applications.

Use jSign to sign:

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Expense Reports

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Legal documents

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Sales agreements

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Purchase orders

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Employee onboarding documents


Lawyers, accountants, salesmen, business executives, real estate agents, and professionals from other industries rely on jSign to be able to sign documents and collect signatures from others in a safe and timely manner.

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Features & Benefits

jSign is the leading solution for professionals looking for a way to quickly and easily sign documents online.
See how our unique features and benefits make it easier than ever to sign important business documents from anywhere at any time.

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Sign & Send Documents Quickly

No more printing and scanning documents. After creating your custom electronic signature, you can sign, send, track, and receive documents with just a few clicks!

jSign makes it easy to close deals and execute transactions by eliminating the need for manual signatures.

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Blockchain Stamping & Security

jSign uses blockchain stamping to ensure the authenticity of signatures and prevent anyone from tampering with your documents. All documents are tracked and time-stamped, plus users can enable restrictions for signing locations, two-factor authentication prevents unauthorized access, and the Certificates of Completion help prove authenticity.

With blockchain technology, you can rest assured there won’t be any changes made to your document!

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Cloud Storage & Compatibility

Cloud storage makes it easier than ever to store, organize, and quickly reference documents as needed. jSign also works with popular platforms like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox to accommodate varying user preferences.

With cloud storage, you never have to worry about losing access to important documents!

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Real-Time Notifications

Never miss a beat with real-time notifications!

You’ll always be alerted as soon as your documents are signed, so you can complete time-sensitive deals and communications as quickly as possible.

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Legally Compliant Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures are legally enforceable, making them ideal for all types of business and legal documents, including sales contracts, liability forms, NDAs, financial documents, and more!

Getting Started with jSign

Ready to enhance your business communications and start using your electronic signature to sign important documents? Getting started with jSign is as easy as following a few simple steps.

Choose a Plan

Each of our pricing plans comes with several amazing features, including:

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Unlimited signers and contacts

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Real-time notifications

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Certificate of Completion

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Restrict signing location

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Request location capture

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Set due dates and reminders

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Attach additional documents

Get documents signed worry-free with jSign.

Browse our plans and review their features to find the right one for your needs!

Upload Documents

Need to upload a document to sign or collect signatures for?

Simply upload a file from your computer, drag and drop a file to upload it, or upload a document from cloud platforms like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. jSign supports several file types, including .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, xlsx, .txt .ppt, .pptx.

Documents will also be saved in your account for easy reference and file organization.

Create Your Signature

Use one of four methods to quickly create a custom electronic signature and add it to documents. After signing, send the document to others to collect their signatures or download the signed document to your computer.

Invite Others

jSign isn’t just for signing documents yourself. Users can also send files to collect signatures from others for important business documents.

You can send documents to an unlimited number of signers, set due dates, send reminders, and receive confirmation that your recipients have received your documents. This makes it easy to collaborate with others and close deals quickly while on the go.

Get Notified

We understand that many documents and communications are time-sensitive. To help streamline communications and make sure you never miss a beat, jSign will send you real-time notifications when your documents are received and signed.

Once the document is completed, you’ll receive a link to download the signed document alongside a Certificate of Completion that contains the signee’s IP address, browser, device, and location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more?

Here’s everything you need to know about using online signatures to sign documents electronically.


Using an electronic signature to sign a document saves time, streamlines communication, improves workplace efficiency, reduces paper usage, and offers unmatched flexibility for busy professionals.

With jSign, it only takes a few minutes to sign a document using your electronic signature. Create your e-signature by snapping a picture with your phone, uploading an image of your signature, drawing one with your finger or stylus, or choosing from several fonts.

Upload your document to jSign directly from your computer or a compatible cloud platform, insert placeholders, and add your signature on the document’s signature line(s). Once finished, you can save your document or send it to others to collect additional signatures.

jSign makes it easy to sign a PDF document right from your computer. Simply upload the PDF by dragging and dropping it on your dashboard, add your electronic signature, and return the document to the sender. It’ll also be saved to the cloud for easy reference.

Yes, jSign is compliant with all major e-signature laws including UETA and ESIGN. Documents signed with jSign are legally enforceable, and electronic signatures can be used as evidence in courtroom disputes.

Yes, electronic signatures are safe and secure to use. When you or a colleague uses jSign to sign a document, you can have peace of mind knowing that your document is closely tracked and monitored to protect against tampering and unauthorized access.

We use blockchain stamping, two-factor authentication, document tracking, and complete audit trails to ensure the protection of your confidential documents.

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Worry-free Document Signing in the Cloud

Whether you’re signing a document or need to collect signatures, jSign makes electronic signing a breeze. Get started today.