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Electronic Signatures – Sign in a Snap

The easiest, fastest way to collect signatures and sign documents right from your computer.

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What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature, sometimes called an e-signature, is a  legally binding method of signing contracts,  documents, and other paperwork right from your computer. It eliminates the wasted time and resources needed to print a document, sign it by hand, and then re-scan it to send it back. Or even worse — to wait for it to be signed and mailed back. In today’s busy world, who has that kind of time?

When you get documents signed with jSign®, the process becomes automated and tracked, making for a smooth and simplified workflow.

How is an e-signature better than a traditional signature?

Signing documents online has many advantages over the old pen and paper way.

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Each Certificate of Completion contains a unique Document ID and a variety of additional document-specific details like total pages, total number of signers, and a complete document history.

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Electronic signature software saves money on postage, printing, and toner by letting you sign right on your screen.

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More Efficient

Sign your documents and return them all in one Dashboard with no extra steps. Automatically remind colleagues that they have a document to sign, and free up your team for more urgent work!

Get documents signed worry-free with jSign.

Four Ways to E-Sign with jSign

Whether you’re on a computer, tablet or smartphone, it’s easy to sign electronically with jSign.

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Draw your electronic signature with a stylus or your finger right on a touch screen. You can also use your mouse or trackpad!

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Simply type your name into the document’s signature field. Quick and easy!

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Upload an image of your signature to apply to documents. This is a good choice if you like the convenience of an e-signature, but still want the visual of your handwritten signature.

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Sign Pad

Use an external signature pad to add an electronic signature to your document.

Meet the jSign Portal

jSign’s user-friendly portal makes it simple to upload, share, and organize your documents and contacts for quick electronic signatures. Everything is laid out in 4 basic pages for effortless navigation.

jSign dashboard


This simple-to-use page lets you upload documents for signature, and see at a glance how many documents are awaiting signatures, how many have been completed, and how many have an approaching due date.

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Upload a document and sign it yourself, or prepare it and send it out for electronic signatures from clients, vendors, colleagues, contractors, and employees.

jSign advanced details


Verify the signature details for a completed document. Check the timestamp and view the Certificate of Completion.

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Add contacts like signers and witnesses for documents, and create groups for easy organization.

Stay Informed and Organized with jSign

Using jSign for electronic signatures means you’ll always be in-the-know.

Instant Notification Upon Signature

Get an email the moment your document is signed — perfect for time-sensitive documents! jSign makes backdating impossible, so there will be no confusion about exactly when a contract was finalized.

Certificate of Completion

jSign creates a Certificate of Completion as soon as the document is signed. The certificate tracks the browser used to sign, device’s IP address, location when signed, and time of signing. Rest easy knowing exactly where and when your document was signed. You can view and download the Certificate of Completion from the jSign portal anytime.

Easy Document Retrieval

Store all signed and pending documents in the cloud-based portal for easy retrieval. Find them all instantly in one place!

Why Use jSign?

jSign offers more than just basic online signing. Convenient, intuitive features along with blockchain technology ensures a hassle-free and protected signing experience.

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No more duplicate signature pages — Collect multiple signatures on a single document without the need to collect multiple signature pages. jSign will compile the signatures for you in one simple document.
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Trackable — Blockchain technology creates a record of the IP address, browser, location, and device used to sign your document. Every completed document gets its own Certificate of Completion to verify its authenticity.
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Restrict signing location — Set a signing location to ensure that only someone in your signer’s area can access and sign the document. Defend against international hackers.

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Support multiple file formats — Send and sign documents in the following formats: PDF, Doc, Docx, XLS, JPG, PNG, XLSX, TXT, PPT.
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Easy cancellation — If you’re not happy with jSign (although we’re pretty confident that you’ll love it!), we won’t make you jump through hoops. Simply cancel your account from your online portal.

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Fast — Get signatures on contracts, new employee onboarding forms, important tax documents, NDAs, and more, faster than ever before.
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Efficient — No more chasing clients and colleagues. Let jSign do the work for you.
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Multiple signature methods — Draw, type, upload, or use an external sign pad to add your electronic signature to your documents.

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Set automatic reminders — Take the legwork out of following up on unsigned contracts and documents. jSign does the admin work for you.
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Affordable — Save money on paper, toner, and postage.
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No more missed signatures — jSign will guide signers through the document, highlighting exactly where they need to sign. Especially helpful in long, multi-part contracts!

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Easy integrations — Upload your documents to jSign right from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive.
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Intuitive user portal — User-friendly dashboard for uploading, preparing, and sending documents to be signed, plus easy storage of signed documents in one convenient location.
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Instant notifications — Get an email alert as soon as a recipient finishes signing. The email will include a link for one-click retrieval of the document.

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Reusable templates — Create reusable templates for frequently used agreements and contracts.
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Set a signing flow — Some documents have many signatories. Set parameters to require electronic signatures in a specific order, or let everyone sign at once.
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Set signing due dates — Prevent contracts from being signed after a certain expiration date. Great for proposals and work bids.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electronic Signatures

jSign works in a few simple steps.

  1. Upload the document you need to be signed from Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, or your computer.
  2. Add or select the signers from your existing contacts, and add observers/witnesses if necessary.
  3. Create placeholder spaces for each signatory where they need to sign. Create as many placeholders as you need!
  4. Add comments with instructions or notes if necessary.
  5. Review and send, and your recipients can sign online in seconds!

There are four simple methods to sign a document with jSign’s electronic signature software.

  1. Use your finger to write your e-signature on a touch screen computer or tablet. You can also use your mouse or trackpad!
  2. Upload a scanned or photographed image of your signature to apply to documents.
  3. Type your name into the document’s signature field. You can choose from one of several font options.
  4. Use an external signature pad to add an electronic signature to your document.

With jSign Pro, you can sign the following document formats: PDF, Doc, Docx, XLS, JPG, PNG, and more. All of these methods are legally binding — just like signing with a pen and paper.

If you receive a document to sign through jSign, here’s what to do next.

  1. On the email invitation that you receive, click Review and Sign.
  2. If you’re a jSign member, you can log into your account to use your saved signatures. But if you’re not, you can still sign as a guest!
  3. jSign will guide you through the document to every place you need to sign. Click Submit when you’re done and get back to business! You and the person who sent the document will be able to download the executed agreement for your records.

It’s never been easier to sign PDF documents!

You can send your documents to as many signers as you wish through the jSign Dashboard. Just upload your document, add signers from your Contacts list, set signature placeholders, and send! You can send your doc to an unlimited number of recipients.

You can even send your document to multiple recipients at the same time to let them apply their electronic signatures all at once. Or, you can set a sequential order for your signatures. With a sequential setup, the document will be sent to each signer in order, so there’s no confusion or signing out of order.

Document recipients can sign electronically for free, even if they are not jSign users. Plus, you can add due dates and automatic reminders, so you don’t have to chase down signatures.

jSign’s electronic signature software uses blockchain technology to track and timestamp the document every step of the way. Once the document is signed, jSign creates a Certificate of Completion with a record of the signer’s IP address, browser, device, and location at the time of signing.

You can also enable location restrictions, preventing anyone from overseas or out of the area from intercepting the document and applying a false signature. Finally, two-factor authentication through email address and mobile number keeps documents private.

Blockchain is a decentralized method of storing and sharing information. By creating a “digital ledger” that is shared among every participant in the chain, blockchain makes it extremely difficult for anyone to change a single block of data — say, by tampering with the electronic signature on a document.

Learn more about blockchain technology here.

When you prepare your document to be signed with jSign, you can set location parameters surrounding the electronic signature. Geolocation can pinpoint the GPS location of the user’s computer or device anywhere around the world at the time of signing, which gives you an extra layer of protection and validity.

Yes! jSign creates legally binding electronic signatures, just like a wet signature. jSign is compliant with all major e-signature laws, including the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act).

In the ESIGN Act, an electronic signature is defined as “an electronic sound, symbol, or process attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.” Under this definition, typed, drawn, and uploaded electronic signatures are acceptable ways to sign contracts.

Electronic signatures are accepted in nearly all industries and government agencies, including accounting and taxes, IT, insurance, healthcare, real estate, sales and marketing, SaaS, human resources, legal, and more. If you’re unsure, you can check with the client, vendor, or department to confirm.

Yes! You can type in your name and select your signature’s font style to maintain consistency throughout the document. Typing an electronic signature creates the same type of Certificate of Completion as any other e-signature method.

Easily! Click Start Signing Now to create your account and send out your first document to be signed in just a few minutes.

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