Everything You Should Know About Collecting Signatures Online

Conducting business over the internet has been a game-changer in many industries, as it allowed for streamlining traditional and often demanding practices, such as document signing. Collecting signatures online is an easy way to sign business agreements and contracts with people regardless of physical location. But do electronic signatures collected through popular electronic signature software […]

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What Is the Purpose of Audit Trails?

Audit trails track and verify different types of transactions, including electronic signatures. An audit trail helps internal and external auditors track changes to confidential databases, investigate potential fraud, and understand the timeline leading up to a particular outcome. The law also requires audit trails in many industries. However, even if they aren’t legally required, audit […]

A Guide To Digital Signature Requirements

Businesses use electronic signatures for many applications. From customers filling out forms online to businesses completing contracts over the web, electronic signatures have become so commonplace that many businesses couldn’t readily perform their operations without them. That means following compliance requirements is essential. E-signatures carry equal legitimacy as their wet counterparts. However, there are still […]

Contract Amendment vs Addendum Explained

Creating a legally binding contract is difficult enough the first time around. Making changes to the initial document can feel like an impossible challenge.  Amendments and addendums are legal devices you can use to adjust and fine-tune contracts. When should you make an addendum to a contract, and when should you use an amendment to […]

What Is Digital Signature Software?

Today’s software solutions have streamlined everything from data entry to content creation to contract routing. With the advent of digital signature software, gone are the days when legal documents had to be printed out, signed, routed, and rerouted through endless channels for additional signatures. That archaic paper-passing process is not only time-consuming but may delay […]

How To Remove a Digital Signature From a PDF

You’ve sent a PDF to a client, but when the document comes back, you find out that they signed the wrong digital signature field. Maybe they changed their mind and now want an amendment made to the document. Maybe you even had the wrong person sign the document, and it needs to go out to a […]

Exploring the 3 Types of Electronic Signatures

Whether you have a messy scrawl that inspires doctor jokes or an elegantly refined script, you probably consider your signature to be an important part of your identity.  Can a digital signature ever be as unique as your handwritten signature? Although a digital signature may not be able to capture the spiky way you write […]

How to Sign an Electronic Invoice: 6 Easy Steps

Invoicing is a critical part of business transactions. It ensures all parties agree on the payment terms and pricing, and it helps a business guarantee it’ll be paid for its work. While many businesses have long relied on paper invoices to convey this information, electronic invoice technology now provides the same security with far less […]

How To Do a Wet Signature on PDF: 5 Steps

While digital signatures are fast becoming the mainstream signature type for signing official documents, it doesn’t sound the death knell for wet ink signatures. In fact, the rapid evolution of e-signing tech and platforms like jSign has enhanced the collection of wet signatures on PDF.  Today, you can create and collect original physical signatures electronically […]

A Guide To E-Signature Verification

Electronic signature software makes it easy for organizations to sign documents online and quickly complete important business processes like signing sales contracts. Because they take place on a screen instead of in person, electronic signatures come with potential risks, such as forgery and fraud, unauthorized signing, and non-compliance. Fortunately, e-signature verification helps you avoid these common […]

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