jSign for eSignatures: How it Works

With jSign®, creating an eSignature has never been easier.

In just a few minutes, you can quickly sign, send, track and collect all the eSignatures you need to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

One Solution – From Proposal to Finalization

Let’s face it: Times have changed. Today’s mobile professionals need a faster and easier way to secure approvals, finalize contracts, and seal agreements. jSign® is a one-stop shop, providing a simple and affordable way to both sign and request electronic signatures at any moment, from any location. It’s one of the most important business tools you can have today.
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eSignatures Save Time and Money

Skip the in-person meeting just to get a signature. Save the overnight delivery fees spent on shipping signed documents. Abandon the reams of faxed forms requesting and providing formal approvals.

Turn instead to jSign, an electronic signature service that allows suppliers, customers and other business partners to either type or actually sign documents electronically. It’s secure, defensible in court, and based on cutting-edge blockchain technology.

How Do You Create an eSignature?

With jSign, it’s easy to create an eSignature. Here are five simple steps.
jSign step 1 Sign into jSign

Sign Up for a jSign Account

Choose a plan that’s right for you and set up your account in minutes.

eSignature Service Selection

jSign offers different plans based on how many documents you intend on using and the size of those files. There are also more supported formats, such PDF, Doc, Docx, PPT, PPTx, XLS, BMP, PNG and JPG, depending on the option you pick. All of our plans make the eSignature process quick, easy, and convenient.

jSign step 2 upload documents

Upload & Prep

Whether you’re finalizing a sales agreement, initiating a supplier contract, or approving a marketing document, you’ll start the eSignature process by uploading your files into jSign.

Prepare the Document

Simply drag and drop your document into jSign and add signers. Our electronic signature service allows you to then quickly create fields where recipients can initial, date, and sign.

jSign step 3 invite signers

Invite Signers

As soon as your file is ready, simply invite everyone to sign the document by email. In only a few seconds, you can distribute your purchase order, non-disclosure agreement, sales contract, or other important document to one or many individuals. The recipients open the document, review the terms, and choose how to create an electronic signature that works best for them.

Acceptable Electronic Signatures

Recipients may upload an actual handwritten signature file, type their name in the eSignature field using their choice of a dozen font styles, or create an actual eSignature with a mouse, trackpad or stylus pen.

jSign step 4 notification

Get Immediate Notifications

As soon as each individual recipient completes their eSignature in your document, you’ll receive an email notification with a link to the signed document.

Real-Time Notification

You’ll get real-time details about whom you need to remind a few days down the road, which suppliers are authorized to begin work, or when products can be confidently shipped.

Streamline Communications

jSign promises to help you streamline your important paperwork processes, helping you close deals, launch agreements, and get on with your business quickly, securely, and efficiently.

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Rest Easy

Not only can you be confident that creating an electronic signature is legally binding and defensible in court, but you can also rest assured that jSign will keep your files protected and safe.

Blockchain Technology

jSign is backed by blockchain technology, which is a more secure database solution that helps prevent forged signatures, fraud or other data tampering. Hackers are also prevented from doing significant damage since data storage is decentralized.

Audit Trail for eSignatures

With blockchain backing, you will be able to track and audit every step of the eSignature process, and have peace of mind knowing that data can’t be changed due to blockchain storage protocols. Every action taken with a document is time stamped for easy reference.

Electronic Signature in Action

Let’s say you have just verbally negotiated price, terms, and delivery dates with a new customer.
As soon as you hang up the phone, you log into jSign and upload your sales contract. You then add the signature fields, save, and email the form to your new customer.

As soon as the individual opens, initials, dates and signs the contract, you’ll receive an immediate notification. The whole electronic signature process works as easily as if you’re sliding the contract across the table during an in-person meeting.

jSign – a Business Essential

By taking advantage of our eSignature service, you’ll be reaping many benefits for your business or organization.

Work Faster

Time has never been more of the essence than in today’s competitive marketplace. Using an eSignature to launch agreements, seal sales deals, or finalize invoices means you can focus on the actual work at hand much more quickly. There is no longer a need to set up a meeting in the office or even at a coffee shop to move things forward. jSign allows you to finalize legal agreements anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Document Flexibility

When you need individuals to sign documents, the last thing you want to worry about is file compatibility. jSign offers a wide range of accepted file types, from the most common such as PDF and DOCx, to more obscure types including BMP and PNG.

Immediate Progress Reports

No more wondering whether your recipients received documents or if they are on their way back to you. As soon as recipients sign documents, you’ll get an email.

Legally Binding & HIPAA Compliant

Since jSign is 100% compliant with all eSignature laws, such as the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), you can rest assured that your documents are legally binding and defensible in court. jSign is also HIPAA compliant, ensuring healthcare data is kept private and safe.

Easy Document Management

When you use an electronic signature, you no longer need to worry about keeping track of paper versions. All documents are easily uploaded from Google Drive or Dropbox and stored safely in the cloud. jSign allows easy management of contract revisions, reminders and deadlines, and permits guests to electronically sign documents.

Peace of Mind

jSign is designed to be a professional eSignature service, based on trusted blockchain technology. Electronic signatures in our platform adhere to two-factor authentication, provide a complete audit trail, and follow all major rules and regulations.

Completion Certificate

When you use jSign to sign documents online, you’ll have a comprehensive record of the entire process, from initial request through any modifications to the final eSignature. A Certification of Completion as well as IP address, browser data, device ID, timestamp, and location can be accessed.

The Best Signing Solution

If your business is looking for an outstanding electronic signing service, jSign has you covered. eSignatures are easy to obtain, legally binding, and a catalyst for more efficient work processes. Streamline approving documents, managing purchase orders and finalizing contracts with jSign today!
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Worry-free Document Signing in the Cloud

Whether you’re signing a document or need to collect signatures, jSign makes electronic signing a breeze. Get started today.