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How to Sign a Word Document

Using jSign® is the easiest way to electronically sign Word documents online.

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Easy e-Signatures With jSign

Being able to quickly and easily create an electronic signaturessign Word documents, and collect electronic signatures from others is an essential aspect of business communication. As professionals in a wide range of industries,continue to transition to digital forms of communication, it’s important to be able to sign and return time-sensitive documents from anywhere.

Whether you’re at the office or on the road, jSign® makes it as easy as possible to quickly sign documents online from wherever you are, making it the most convenient way to close deals on the go.

How It Works

jSign has everything a professional needs to sign, date, send, and receive Word documents. Simply drag and drop documents, add signature lines, and send documents for others to eSign

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Drag & Drop Documents

Upload a Word document, PDF, contract, or other business document to jSign for customization. Once uploaded, create initials, name and date fields along with signature lines for others to sign.

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Invite Signers

jSign users can invite others to sign important documents via email. Recipients can upload a handwritten signature, type text, or create a custom electronic signature using a stylus pen, mouse, or trackpad.

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Proof of Signature

When your recipient signs the Word document, you’ll instantly receive an email confirming their receipt and signature. The email will include a link to download the signed document. This makes completing deals and facilitating important business communications easier than ever.

You will also receive a Certificate of Completion that includes information such as the device ID, IP address, browser used, latitude and longitude, and timestamp to verify that the document was signed by the intended recipient.

How To Sign a Word Document

Time is money, and jSign helps professionals save time by letting them easily create a custom electronic signature, sign documents, collect signatures from others, and receive real-time signature notifications.

Signing a Word document with jSign is easy. Just follow these steps:

Not only does jSign make it easy to sign and send Word documents, but users can also add signatures to PDFs, contracts, legal documents, invoices, and other common business documents.
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No paper, no printing, no wasted time. jSign is the premier solution for professionals who need to sign a Microsoft Word document online.

Signing Documents

jSign offers a variety of ways for users to add their electronic signature to a Microsoft Word document. Users can choose from several electronic signature presets, use a stylus or finger to draw a custom electronic signature, use their phone camera to capture an electronic signature, or upload an image of a electronic signature to insert into documents.

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When signing, sending, and receiving important business documents, privacy, security, and authenticity are of the utmost importance.

When you use jSign, all documents are tracked and timestamped. Plus, you can restrict signing locations, and you’ll always receive a Certificate of Completion that shows the IP addresses, browsers, devices, and locations of each person who signs a document. Users can also enable two-factor authentication to protect their accounts and personal information.

Sending Documents

Being able to add signature lines and send documents for signing helps professionals facilitate efficient communications between coworkers and colleagues.

Users can stay organized and keep business moving with a variety of unique features, including:

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Setting due dates and reminders

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Sending documents to an unlimited number of contacts

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Choosing from sequential or parallel signing orders

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Uploading with integration of cloud solutions like Google Drive and DropBox

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Using a wide range of file formats, such as .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, xlsx, .txt .ppt, and .pptx

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Saving signed documents in the cloud for easy access

Blockchain Technology

jSign uses blockchain technology to safeguard your most important documents. Blockchain stamping helps guarantee the authenticity of signatures by preventing tampering, tracing documents that are sent for signatures, and tracking any actions taken with the documents.

Cloud Compatibility

Being able to save documents in the cloud means you’ll always be able to access important Word documents, contracts, invoices, and other essential files. No matter where you are or what device you are using, jSign makes it easy to keep track of all of your most important documents.

Contact Management

To streamline communications, jSign makes it simple for users to add, save, and manage contacts. When sending a document for signing, you can choose an unlimited number of contacts, and once they sign the document, you will receive proof of signature and a link to download the signed Microsoft Word document.

Real-Time Notifications

Many documents are time-sensitive and need to be signed as quickly as possible. With jSign, you never have to wait on confirmation as you will receive real-time notifications when signing is complete.

Solutions for Multiple Industries

jSign helps professionals across a wide range of industries streamline their operations and avoid costly oversights.

Our intuitive platform is perfect for professionals in industries such as:
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Real Estate

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Whether you’re a lawyer who needs a verifiable eSignature for a contract or an accountant who needs a convenient way to collect signatures while meeting legal requirements, jSign offers all of the tools you need to get the job done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?
Here is everything you need to know about using jSign to sign a Microsoft Word document.

With jSign, professionals can sign a Word document in just a few simple steps. Drag and drop your document to upload it to jSign, add your signature on the document, or add a signature line for someone else to sign.

Once you’ve added your signature or initials, save the document to the cloud or return it to the sender.

jSign users have several options for writing a signature on a Word document. You can capture a digital signature with your phone camera, draw a custom signature with a stylus, upload an eSignature, or choose a preset. Once your signature is chosen, simply place it on the signature line in the document.

jSign lets users sign Word documents online without needing to print anything. You can send documents to recipients in your contacts or save them to the cloud for easy organization and access.

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Worry-free Document Signing in the Cloud

Whether you’re signing a document or need to collect signatures, jSign makes electronic signing a breeze. Get started today.