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Keep track of all your important signed documents with jSign’s thorough audit trail. Once you sign documents online with jSign® and the e-signature process is complete, you can review details of a document’s history, including individuals who accessed it, actions taken, and timestamps in a convenient step-by-step audit log.

This easy-to-use feature is built right into the jSign platform and is perfect for individuals and small businesses of all industries that want to more closely manage legal documents, contracts, work orders, and more.

Keep your documents properly organized and collect online signatures that can be easily verified in just a click. Our interactive tools make it simple to drag and drop fillable signature, initial, and date fields that are protected by blockchain technology.

The audit log in jSign tracks many different events within the lifecycle of your document, including:

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Document creation
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Signature status
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Signer name
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Document observers
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Signing method
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One-time passcode authentication for guest signers

How To Use the jSign Audit Trail

Upload a document

Send it out for signing

Review transaction history in the audit log

Why Users Love the jSign Audit Trail

An audit trail is available to all jSign users and works with people both inside and outside your organization. You no longer have to be tied to a computer while waiting on important signatures. Seamlessly switch from a desktop device to your mobile phone thanks to the cloud-based software.

With jSign, you get a dashboard view of a document’s history right at your fingertips. Email alerts and notifications also help you stay on top of the most recent actions taken on your document. Once complete, you can even print a certificate that verifies all actions and signees.

It’s never been easier to keep all of your documents organized. You can add categories and tags to easily filter by topic, client, vendor, and more. Attach any relevant or supporting documents that signees may need to reference as well. Each audit trail is complete with a timestamp and GPS location of where the document was signed, making it easy to work nationwide across time zones.

Trusted and Safe Document Signing

All of your agreements signed with jSign are protected by blockchain technology, so you never have to question the integrity of your digitally signed documents. Blockchain is a database technology that prevents the modification of transaction data, keeping it protected and tamper-proof.

When you create a document and send it out for a signature, a secure hash, or a unique piece of data associated with each action, is created and added to the audit log. A hash is also created for each subsequent action taken, so that you can be sure all actions are valid and not a sign of fraud.

Why Use Blockchain for Audit Logs?

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It tracks and timestamps activity to create a detailed record

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It cannot be modified and results in tamper-proof documents

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It’s not stored in a central server so it is difficult to hack

A Workflow that Just Works Better

jSign offers more than just safe and legal document signing. It’s the perfect tool for streamlining internal and external workflows and increasing day-to-day efficiencies. It’s also a great way to improve internal routing processes and leave behind hard copies of documents that get lost on someone’s desk.

Members outside of the workflow can have access to a document, even if they don’t have immediate actions to take. Just add co-workers, bosses, or third-party vendors as document observers, and they will automatically be included. You can also opt to keep the workflow as private as you want by not including anyone but the signer.

With jSign and the audit trail it provides, you can be sure to keep compliance in check for regulatory documents and have complete access to historical data.

Learn How To Use jSign’s Audit Trail

The audit trail flows seamlessly into the jSign signing process.

jSign upload documents
jSign attach supporting documents
jSign add signers
jSign drag and drop
jSign set due date
jSign step finish
jSign check audit trail

Frequently Asked Questions About Audit Trails

An audit trail is an electronic record that verifies and tracks all the transactions within a document. Audit trails show the sequence of activities and the actions from all parties involved, so you have a digital log for easy record keeping.

An audit trail provides proof of any action or inaction taken. Its purpose is to validate the activity, protect against fraud, and keep the integrity of a document intact.

An audit trail is a verifiable transaction around any type of document. Let’s say you run a business that requires employees to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Through the jSign portal, you can send an NDA form to employees for electronic signature. Once they sign, it will be logged with a timestamp and blockchain technology to ensure its tamper-proof. Now you have a defensible record of their agreement to the NDA in case it’s ever violated.

An audit trail includes the signer’s information as well as date, time, geolocation, device type, IP address, and what browser was used. It also tracks actions taken on a document, such as views and signatures.

An audit trail plays an important role in protecting you or your business against fraud or disputes. It also serves as a historical record of document changes and gives a detailed look at actions taken by the document originator and recipients.

Audit trails are useful to anyone in any industry. A lot of folks are familiar with an audit trail in accounting, which is used to detect fraud. Complying with an audit trail ensures payments and transactions are legitimate. However, the same premise applies to many industries. For example, a real estate company may use an audit trail to safely share and verify documents between buyers and sellers.

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