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Electronic Signatures for the Insurance Industry

Safe, industry-compliant e-signing for insurance documents.

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E-signing: A Competitive Advantage for Insurance Agents

Do you want to reduce the time you spend on paperwork and finalize insurance transactions quicker? Instead of thumbing through copy after copy of insurance claims, policies, and appraisals at your desk, manage your documents digitally with a reliable electronic signature service trusted by many other industries. No more piles of paperwork. Instead, use our e-signing service to stay a step ahead of the competition.

By enabling document workflows with an e-signing process, you get faster transactions throughout – from on-boarding to claim settlement. jSign® meets the security, audit trail, and legal requirements to process forms, policies, claims, applications, declarations, insurance certificates, and more in just one easy-to-use platform.

Traditional Signing vs. E-signing

Getting in the same room with a customer is no easy task these days. People prefer to do things from their devices and essentially expect digital options to be offered. Plus, waiting to receive traditionally signed insurance documents can be a bottleneck that interrupts workflows and results in inefficiencies.

A modern electronic signature platform allows you to swiftly sign, send, and receive documents from anywhere, and at any time. Insurance agents are sure to benefit from this more efficient workflow that eliminates the stacks of paperwork piling up. There’s no need to worry about authenticity with our tamper-proof signature protection, which includes blockchain stamping, audit trails, and two-factor authentication. With jSign, you’ll never doubt the integrity of your documents.

What do Insurance Agents use Electronic Signatures for?

Insurance professionals use jSign to effectively communicate with customers by digitally sending important documents.

With jSign, insurance document workflows can move faster and more reliably, benefitting both agents and customers. Deliver value to your customers and improve document management efficiencies with jSign.

Benefits of Signing with jSign for Insurance

jSign offers several benefits that enhance the day-to-day role of an insurance agent, including communication, organization, and accuracy.

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Get signatures quicker

Automate the signing process to instantly send paperwork out for signatures – no waiting for meeting times or office drop-ins. Serving your customers quicker also gives them less time to shop around.

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Compatible with any device

Customers and insurance agents alike can send and receive documents on any desktop or mobile device, making e-signing flexible and convenient.

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Reduce overhead costs

Save money on printing, paper, and other overhead office costs when you choose an eSignature service. Plus, e-signing allows agents to work from anywhere, eliminating the requirement for a brick and mortar footprint.

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Eco is the way to go

Along with reducing costs, you can reduce paper waste and energy consumption when you choose to send documents electronically versus copying, printing, or faxing.

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Trace and keep track

Documents with electronic signatures utilize audit trails to keep track of the document status and trace any and all changes. After all parties have signed, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion that contains the device ID, IP address, browser, latitude, longitude, and timestamp.

How Insurance Agents use jSign

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Onboarding new agents and customers

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Proposals and NDAs

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Policy applications

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Account maintenance forms

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Insurance certificates

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Claim forms

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Policy declarations

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Appraisal forms

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Electronic policy delivery


Key Features of jSign for Insurance Documents

jSign is not short on features that are helpful in the insurance industry. Everything is designed to make your job easy and efficient, and keep your documents organized.

Choose from four ways to sign. You can enter an electronic signature, capture a hand-written signature, select from predefined signatures, or upload a signature image. You can adopt the same signature across all documents.

No fancy file conversions needed. jSign accepts most common document formats like doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, xlsx, .txt .ppt, .pptx, jpg, and .bmp. You can even edit them in the platform once they’re uploaded.

Take all your documents with you on the go. jSign integrates with popular cloud storage sites like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive for easy storage. You can also save all your signed documents in the jSign cloud for easy reference.

Get documents completed and returned on time when you set a due date or turn on a reminder. These alerts are sent to appropriate parties via email for all outstanding requests. Set them for yourself to keep on task.

jSign puts you in control of the signing process. Use it to build business rules, such as choosing between sequential or parallel signing order.

Insurance agents need to keep important documents safe. An audit trail includes timestamps to track document activity as well as a Certificate of Completion that shows IP, browser, device, and location of signers sent with each document.

jSign has several security measures in place. Create a safer process by setting up two-factor authentication through your mobile number and email. jSign also uses blockchain technology to track documents and protect them from any suspicious activity.

Create templates to save setup time when reusing a common document. Save them to reuse later and get paperwork sent for signatures faster. This also helps eliminate errors and creates consistent documents time after time.

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Worry-free Document Signing in the Cloud

Whether you’re signing a document or need to collect signatures, jSign makes electronic signing a breeze. Get started today.