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Introducing jSign Electronic. Signatures Solution

Improve your document workflows with a convenient, secure, and e-signature by Consensus Cloud Solutions!

Brought to you by eFax our newest signature solution jSign provides a new way to electronically sign documents. The UETA compliant solution allows users to sign, send, track, and collect electronic signatures in minutes. As a business solution designed with security and compliance in mind; jSign can stand up to legal scrutiny and meets the ESIGN ACT of 2000 definition of electronic signing. Furthermore, jSign captures the signer’s intent and provides an audit trail of the entire signature ceremony. It is offered and supported in essential and business feature tiers, as well as custom and enterprise solution sets.

Key features include:

Sign in a variety of ways: enter digital signature or capture a hand-written signature; select from predefined signatures; upload a signature image
Support for common file formats: .pdf, .xls, .xlsx, .doc, .docx, .pptx, .ppt, .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .bmp
Integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive for easy storage
Save signed documents in the jSign cloud for easy reference
Set due dates and send reminders
Enable signing location restriction to manage jurisdiction
Build business rules, such as choosing between sequential or parallel signing order
Get a full audit trail with timestamps to track documents; certificate of completion shows IP, browser, device, and location of signers sent with each document
Set two-factor authentication through mobile number and email
Electronic Signatures Backed by Blockchain – a more secure database technology - which helps prevent fraud, false signatures, or other types of tampering.

jSign for Resellers:

Embedded eSignature
Stand Alone eSignature
Resell as eSignature as part of your workflow
Legal, Healthcare, Mortgage, Real Estate, Insurance, & Commercial.
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