Welcome to jSign!

Our jSign feature provides simple and secure electronic-signature services. Whether you’re signing a document or need to collect signatures, jSign makes electronic signing a breeze. You can:

  • Electronically sign documents (.doc, .docx, .pdf [NOTE: xls, .xlsx, .txt .ppt, .and .pptx will be available in an upcoming jSign upgrade]), in a variety of ways (predefined, snapshot, drawing, uploaded file).

  • Send a document to multiple signers/witnesses, and have them sign sequentially or in order.

  • Set signing due dates, and send reminders.

  • Ensure the authenticity of signatures (via two-factor authentication, certificate, tracking, timestamps, location binding), keeping documents free from tampering.

  • For easy reference, integrate with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive—and save signed documents in the cloud.

Basically: You can upload a document, invite others to sign, and get notified instantly when signatures are completed.

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