The jSign UI

The jSign user interface comprises four pages: Dashboard, Documents, Verify, and Contacts.

On the:

  • Dashboard page – You can upload documents to prepare for signature, view documents awaiting signature, see what signatures are due soon, and see documents already signed and completed.

  • Documents page – You can:

    • Upload a document, then either sign it—or prepare and send it out for signature.

    • Create a template out of a document that will be used multiple times (for example, for onboarding; an employment offer, audit, exit interview).

    • Export a document template so someone else can use it, and import one someone else has created into your jSign document repository.

    • Use, edit, deactivate, reactivate, or delete a document template.

  • Verify page – You can see if the copy of the document you received when everyone has completed signing it, is the real deal.

  • Contacts page – You can add the individuals that will serve as either signers of your documents—or witnesses, thereof.

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