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Proof of Signing for Trustworthy

Get all of your electronically signed document’s most important information in one simple PDF – the Certificate of Completion.

Every document signed with jSign® comes with this concise, verifiable receipt to make sure your e-signing process is worry-free.

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What is a Certificate of Completion?

Think of a Certificate of Completion as a virtual receipt for an electronic signature. If things get messy, this detailed PDF can keep you out of legal trouble down the road.

But jSign®’s Certificate of Completion is so much more than your typical e-receipt. On top of providing proof of signing and guaranteeing the validity of the document and its signature, the blockchain-based technology contains:

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In-depth Document Information

Each Certificate of Completion contains a unique Document ID and a variety of additional document-specific details like total pages, total number of signers, and a complete document history.

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Blockchain-based Timestamping

Blockchain tracks every stage of the online signature process, from document creation to signing—and it doesn’t stop there. Each receipt contains a unique Block ID and timestamp to give you even more peace of mind.

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A Unique QR Code

jSign’s QR code technology allows you to instantly verify whether your document has been altered after it was signed. It also gives you immediate access to your document’s history.

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And Much, Much More

Need additional details like a signer’s latitude and longitude? Our Certificate of Completion has that too. It even allows you to see the IP address of the signer, what browser they used, and from what device they signed.

How it Works

jSign keeps track of the entire eSignature process, so you don’t have to.

This document is powered by the cloud and secured through blockchain technology.

With a simple click, users can download their Certificate of Completion and enjoy the immediate relief of an online document signing process done right.

Protected by Blockchain Technology

There are several electronic signature services out there, all with varying degrees of security.

But with jSign, every action taken with your document is logged and timestamped using blockchain. This technology helps prevent fraud, forged signatures, and other means of tampering. The blockchain-based technology in our Certificate of Completion provides:

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Auditing & Tracking

Blockchain ensures every step of the signing process is tracked and timestamped, creating an easily accessible record of activity to lean on in the event of an audit.

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Fraud Prevention

Once data gets entered into the blockchain, it’s stored forever and can’t be changed or tampered with.

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Enhanced Security

Decentralization—a key feature of blockchain technology—means your data isn’t stored in one place, making it more difficult to hack.

Read about how blockchain works to safeguard your online document signing process.

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A Business Necessity for Any Industry

Blockchain-powered technologies, like the ones used in our Certificate of Completion, could someday render traditional public notaries totally useless. Professionals from a variety of industries can certainly benefit from their use.

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Blockchain streamlines banking and lending services, increasing accessibility and decreasing risk. A Certificate of Completion takes it a step further.

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Both healthcare professionals and patients have been waiting for a blockchain-based electronic document signing service for decades. And with jSign, they finally have it.

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Real Estate

Using an electronic document signing service to close on a house or for other real estate deals feels so much better when it comes with an immediate receipt.

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Blockchain is rewriting the insurance industry entirely. The technology is allowing for faster data exchanges and increased transparency. Having a Certificate of Completion with every transaction is the definition of insured.

Benefits Beyond Signature Validation

A Certificate of Completion is just one aspect of jSign’s game-changing technology.

Skip the pen and paper with our blockchain-based signing software. jSign helps you get things done faster while being totally compliant with eSignature laws like UETA and ESIGN.

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Boost Productivity

jSign saves you one of your most valuable assets: time. No more waiting around and no more hold ups.

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Enhance Project Management

jSign keeps you in the loop through every step of the process with real-time notifications. You’re notified instantly when your documents have been signed.

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Decrease Waste

In addition to saving you time, jSign saves you money on physical products like pens, paper, and printers while decreasing your environmental footprint in the process. This is why jSign is the easiest and safest way to electronically sign documents online.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Certificate of Completion

Not at all. A Certificate of Completion is included with every document signed online using jSign at no additional cost.

Your document’s Certificate of Completion is downloaded as a PDF, which can then be converted to other file formats if needed.

Nope. Your Certificate of Completion never expires, so you’ll have easy access to important information for life.

Absolutely! At the end of the day, if you value security and transparency—you should consider taking advantage of our free trial.

Experience for yourself the security and simplicity of our Certificate of Completion.

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