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Trusted & Protected Document Signing with Blockchain Technology

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Electronic Signatures Backed by Blockchain

Not all electronic signature services are created equal, and no one wants to question the integrity of their digitally-signed documents.

With jSign®, every action taken with a document is logged and timestamped using blockchain – a more secure database technology – which helps prevent fraud, false signatures, or other types of tampering.

Why Use Blockchain for Digital Document Signing?

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Auditing & Tracking

Every step of the signing process is tracked and timestamped using blockchain, creating a record of activity that is the perfect audit trail.

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Fraud Prevention

Because blockchain data can’t be modified, records stored in blockchain can’t be changed or tampered with.

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With blockchain, data isn’t stored in one centralized location, which makes it more difficult to hack.

Get documents signed worry-free with jSign.

Much More Than Blockchain

jSign is a full-featured electronic signature service that saves you time and headaches by streamlining your workflow. Getting documents signed online has never been so easy!

Use PDF, PPT, PPTX, DOC, XLS and more
Upload directly from Google Apps, Dropbox, and One Drive
Set reminders and due dates for every document
Choose sequential or parallel signing flows
Request to capture the signer’s location/restrict signing location
Get real-time notifications when actions are taken
Manage contacts, signers and observers
Store files in the cloud for easy access and record keeping
Receive a Certificate of Completion that confirms the validity of each signed document

Frequently Asked Questions about Blockchain

Blockchain is a type of database technology that prevents the modification or overwriting of data because of its structure and by way of being decentralized. This helps keep transaction data secure, unchangeable, and tamper-proof. Since jSign is built with blockchain, the validity of your signed documents will remain intact.

Blockchain quite literally works by creating blocks of data that are chained together. When a block of data is full, a subsequent block is created and chained onto the block before it. This keeps all the data in chronological order.

Since blockchain is made up of a series of blocks in a chain, each block is linked to every block before and after it. This makes it difficult to manipulate a block’s data because the blocks connected to it would also need to be changed in order to avoid detection. Not only that, but when blockchain is implemented in a decentralized way, there is no one central location for someone to hack.

Most notably used for cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, blockchain has many other real world applications. Not only can it benefit the electronic signature process by providing timestamps and helping prevent fraud, but it can be used for financial transactions, data sharing and backup, medical record keeping, and even digital IDs.

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Worry-free Document Signing in the Cloud

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