Should You Sign a HIPAA Form?

In today’s world of cyber attacks and hacks, we have a lot of personal information to protect. While most of us think of our social security number or banking information when we think about sensitive information that we need to protect, there’s another category that you might overlook: your healthcare information. A privacy law is in […]

How Do HIPAA Privacy Rules Benefit the Healthcare Industry?

Hospitals, clinics, and doctors have been working to protect the health of their patients for hundreds of years. But in the U.S., it has only been a few decades since those same healthcare facilities and professionals were also required to take measures to protect the privacy and security of their patients. While the HIPAA Privacy […]

6 Benefits of Electronic Signatures in Healthcare

In this era of technological advancements, electronic signatures have emerged as a transformative force within healthcare. By digitizing the signing process of documents and forms, healthcare organizations are experiencing improved administrative efficiency, enhanced data accuracy, heightened privacy, and increased patient engagement. Electronic signatures, as the digital representation of an individual’s signature, play a pivotal role in signing […]

jSign: Based on Blockchain Technology

Searching for an eSignature Solution? Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than Blockchain Technology AN ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE IS NOT ENOUGH If your business’s legal health depends on signed agreements with clients—we’re looking at you, healthcare organizations, law firms, financial service providers—you know the federal E-Sign ACT gives electronically signed contracts the same legal status as those […]

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