How to Sign a Contract

Contracts are legally binding documents that indicate that you and another party have come to an agreement. You can sign contracts with your handwritten signature or by using an electronic signature. Electronic signatures are becoming increasingly more common as they are convenient and cost-effective. Rather than printing out, signing, and rescanning documents, you can sign […]

How to Write a Contract Agreement for Payment: Everything You Need to Know

Are you receiving a loan? Lending money to someone? If so, you could benefit from drawing up a contract agreement for payment. This document gets all the important details about the terms of your loan in writing. That way, you can make sure each party holds up their end of the contract.  Not sure how […]

How to e-sign a document on your iPhone

An electronic signature, also known as an eSignature, is a method of signing contracts and other documents on your mobile, computer or your tablet. It allows you to sign electronic documents and share them without having to dig out the old printer and do the whole process of printing, signing and scanning your documents.  For many business […]

How to Add a Signature in Pages: Four Easy Ways Compared

The Pages word-processing app on MacBook and other Apple devices is a useful way to read and edit documents. It also allows you to collaborate on cloud-based files in real time.  This means you can work in tandem with your team on documents. Sometimes, you’ll need to sign those documents.  But it can be wasteful […]

How to Sign a PDF Without Adobe

Electronic signatures help save everyone time. As soon as you receive a form, you can sign it from your computer, phone or tablet, then send it right back to the sender.  But what tool do you use to sign? The standard tool for many is Adobe Acrobat Reader, a PDF document software, but it’s not […]

How to Make a Transparent Signature: Step-by-Step

Electronic signatures help streamline workflows and accelerate business proceedings. But uploading an e-signature into a document can look awkward and unnatural if it has a solid background.  That’s why you need transparent signatures. Learn more about what these e-signatures are and how to make them with the steps below.  What is a Transparent Signature? A […]

How to Add a Handwritten Signature in Word

Millions of people use Microsoft Word to create and edit documents because electronic word processing streamlines the writing process and eliminates the need to create unnecessary paper waste. Inside the Word platform, you can customize nearly every part of a document — fonts, colors, margins, formatting, etc. — with a keyboard and a mouse. However, […]

Here’s How to Sign a Word Document on Android

Printing, scanning and resending documents is wasteful for the environment, time-consuming and worst of all, increasingly difficult in our digitized world.  It’s faster and easier to create electronic signatures on our Android smartphones or other electronic devices. Printing and scanning to sign and send documents is a relic of the past.  In this article, we’ll […]

How to Sign Documents Online

The world has gone digital. While uploading documents and pictures to the web might be common at this point in time, there’s another important task being converted from print to digital: signing documents online. The ability to send and receive important documents instantly by converting them to digital is convenient for a number of reasons. […]

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