How To Sign a Document Sent by Email

Nowadays, signing documents is a regular part of our lives, and technology has made it much easier to do so. After all, we need to sign documents for legal, accounting, and tax purposes, as well as to open a bank account, get a job, and obtain housing. When someone emails you a document, you generally […]

Creating a Handwritten Signature

Your signature is a representation of you, whether in your personal or professional life. Think of it as your written identity. How you sign documents reflects your style and personality.  So, when you hand write a signature, you’re creating a unique mark that’s like no other. So how do you go about creating a handwritten […]

How To Create a Signature Image

Signing documents online is a great way to save time, improve workflow efficiency, and cut costs. But to sign documents electronically, you first need to create a signature PNG that you can add to documents. To create a signature image, you can use your handwritten signature and either take a picture to upload to your […]

How To Fill Out a PDF Form

Learning how to fill out a PDF online can save you the hassle of having to print out forms and fill them out manually. E-signature platforms like jSign make it easy to create fillable PDFs that can be filled in and signed online. With jSign, you can upload documents and add fillable signature and text […]

How To Insert a Signature in Word

Microsoft Word is one of the leading word processing platforms. Whether it be for personal, educational, or professional purposes, countless people depend on Microsoft Word to create important documents. For professionals using Microsoft Word to create contracts, sales proposals, and other documents that require signatures, it’s important to know how to insert a signature in […]

How To Scan a Document

If you want to learn how to scan a document and then email it to your recipients in a quick and easy way, you’re in luck. In today’s highly-digitalized world, you scan and email files directly from your smartphone device, desktop computer, or printer. In fact, with an electronic signature platform like jSign, you can […]

How To Make a Signature

Creating a custom signature for personal and professional use can help you be more prepared next time you have to provide it for important documents. By taking the time to make a signature that accurately reflects your professional identity, you can emphasize your professionalism and enhance your personal brand. Online electronic signature maker platforms like […]

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