What Are the Latest Tech Trends in eSignature Software?

Electronic signatures are revolutionizing modern-day workflows. Companies no longer have to print out documents, keep track of them and wait for people to sign them in person. E-signatures have turned a process that often took several days — or weeks — into something that can take just minutes.  Over the past decade, e-signature software has […]

4 Requirements to Make Sure Your eSignatures are Legally Binding

In today’s digital age, businesses and individuals rely heavily on electronic documents and signatures to conduct transactions and solidify agreements. With the advent of eSignature platforms, the act of signing contracts, agreements and other legal documents has become far more accessible and convenient than ever before.  Yet, to guarantee the legality of these eSignatures, certain […]

Why Electronic Signatures, and Why Now?

E-signatures have been around for a number of years now. But today, they’re seeing explosive growth like never before. In the past five years, global use of e-signatures transactions leaped from 198 million to more than 4,700 million. By 2024, e-signatures are expected to grow by almost 70 percent. The use of e-signatures has made […]

What Makes a Contract Legally Binding?

Contracts are the backbone of all businesses, no matter your industry. They enable commercial transactions, work agreements and loan applications by ensuring both parties fulfill their obligations — but only if the contracts are legally binding.  Invalid contracts can lead to legal repercussions, delays or lost investments. So, make sure every contract you draft and […]

5 Tools to Sign an Image Compared: Pros and Cons Explained

In today’s digital world, images are often shared and copied, making it difficult to verify their authenticity and ownership — this is where image signatures come in. When you sign an image, you add a unique identifier to it, making it possible to verify its source and detect tampering.  But how should you sign an […]

Top 5 Uses of Electronic Signatures for Small Business

Running a small business is a logistical juggling act. eSignatures can help ease the burden.  With small businesses, you have all the administrative and practical concerns of running a company but lack the extended team and dedicated in-house staff of larger corporate entities. This often means highly skilled team members — including the founder or […]

How is an Electronic Signature Verified?

Electronic signatures have changed the way that documents of all kinds are signed, shared and sent. But they’ve also created a number of unique questions that need to be answered; for example: “How is an electronic signature verified?” Having an individual sign a document with pen and paper — what is known as a wet […]

Understanding The Pros And Cons Of Electronic Signatures

Signatures are a vital element of any business. Yet many of us don’t spend a great deal of time considering the process involved when it comes to signing. Efficiency, workflow and customer satisfaction are all greatly affected by how you obtain signatures. Simply switching your signature workflow to one that requires e-signatures rather than manual, […]

How Do Businesses Use Electronic Signatures?

Almost every business needs a strong online and digital presence in today’s modern world.  Every day, companies send scores of digital documents back and forth that contain important information. Your customers and your staff work from their computers or their phones most of the time. Paper is wasteful, time-consuming and a bother to store. If […]

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