Can an Electronic Signature Be Forged?

Cybercrime is on the rise. Experts predict it will cost the world $8 trillion — yes, trillion with a T — in 2023.  Despite this steady rise in cyberattacks, organizations are still moving everything online because it’s simpler, more efficient and more user-friendly. That has dramatic implications for e-signatures.  With the rise in crime, it’s fair to […]

9 Ways eSignatures Drive ROI in 2023: Streamline Document Workflows

eSignatures have gained popularity for many reasons, and one of the most important is how they streamline document workflows.  Here, we will explore the significance of eSignatures in driving return on investment (ROI) for modern businesses. First, we delve into the differences between handwritten signatures and eSignatures. Then, the concept of ROI is defined and […]

8 Electronic Signature Best Practices to Build in to Your Workflow

Electronic signatures, or eSignatures, are a common part of most business operations these days. As more and more of our customers shop or interact online and digital processes become further entrenched, electronic signatures for business are becoming a vital component of an efficient, customer-friendly workflow.  Traditional paper signatures made with ink, also known as wet […]

How to Sign a Contract

Contracts are legally binding documents that indicate that you and another party have come to an agreement. You can sign contracts with your handwritten signature or by using an electronic signature. Electronic signatures are becoming increasingly more common as they are convenient and cost-effective. Rather than printing out, signing, and rescanning documents, you can sign […]

How to Write a Contract Agreement for Payment: Everything You Need to Know

Are you receiving a loan? Lending money to someone? If so, you could benefit from drawing up a contract agreement for payment. This document gets all the important details about the terms of your loan in writing. That way, you can make sure each party holds up their end of the contract.  Not sure how […]

Are eSignatures Legally Binding? Here’s What You Need To Know

Digital documents are increasingly common in all aspects of our lives. It’s quite unusual today to have to deal with paper docs. Emails replaced letters and forms went online ages ago. Physical, on-premise fax machines were made all but obsolete more than twenty years ago. However, the issue of validating official and legal documents with […]

What are the Benefits of an eSignature?

In much the same way as email rapidly overtook snail mail, e-signing documents is fast becoming the norm across many industries around the world.  Employees working remotely from around the world often send and sign digital documents to their team members without needing to print and scan each contract, work sign-off or other documents. Healthcare […]

How to e-sign a document on your iPhone

An electronic signature, also known as an eSignature, is a method of signing contracts and other documents on your mobile, computer or your tablet. It allows you to sign electronic documents and share them without having to dig out the old printer and do the whole process of printing, signing and scanning your documents.  For many business […]

What Should You Look For In An eSignature Solution?

The ability to electronically sign documents frees up your workload and saves you money on printing costs. There’s no question about the benefits of investing in an e-signature solution.  But the issue is that there are so many providers to choose from, and each one advertises different features. How do you know which e-signature solution […]

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