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Electronic Signatures for Transportation and Logistics

Delivering a flexible solution for your documents.

An Efficient Digital Experience

Both customers and service providers alike will appreciate the ease of electronic signatures at both a shipment’s origin and destination. Eliminating stacks of paperwork and manual processes makes it easier for people involved in delivering and receiving a shipment to sign important paperwork before, during, and after the project is completed.

jSign® is an industry leader in providing electronic signature solutions that improve logistics processes while offering a variety of other great advantages for the transportation industry. By enabling document workflows with an e-signing process, you get faster transactions throughout, from pick-up to delivery. jSign meets the security, audit trail, and legal requirements for both domestic and international shipments.

Traditional Signatures vs. E-signatures

Because logistics shipments happen all around the world, getting all involved parties in the same room or even the same time zone is no easy task. That’s why the ability to effortlessly sign, send, track, and collect electronic signatures in minutes with jSign is vital for timely document sharing and offering clients better service.

The Industry on the Move

Over the road, across the sea, or in the air, the logistics industry is on the move. Electronic signatures are an essential business tool for these mobile professionals.

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Easily create, sign, and send documents from any device

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Legally compliant with global industry requirements

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Track signatures and document status

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Savings on material, administration, and shipping

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Documents accessible in one easy-to-use tool

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Customer data is protected

Shuffling through piles of paperwork while trying to track, inventory, or deliver a shipment is the old way of doing things. The logistics and transportation industry now requires an industry leader in e-signatures to connect contractors and customers with a wide range of features and benefits that can’t be matched by traditional methods of signing documents.

jSign Delivers All the Time

Your logistics business delivers, so your e-signature software should, too. Digitally collecting signatures keeps the process moving with reminders and alerts, saves money on physical supplies, and keeps your data in the cloud for easy access whenever and wherever you need it the most.

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Keep the Signing Process Moving

jSign makes it easy to upload, sign, and send documents anywhere your shipments are headed, regardless of whether they’re jSign users or not. Set due dates, assign a signing order, send reminders, and track your document’s progress in real-time.

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Improve Workflow Efficiency

Waiting on traditional signatures creates a bottleneck and delays communications and potentially the completion of your logistics project. Optimize your workflows by implementing electronic signatures that are easily accessed without delays and can even be viewed simultaneously by all parties.

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Flexible Signing Options

Whether you’re in the office or on the road, electronic signatures enable professionals to take care of time-sensitive tasks from anywhere. From agreements to invoices and inventory lists, jSign lets you electronically sign a wide variety of document types from computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Plus, jSign is compatible with DropBox, Google Drive, and OneDrive for quick document access.

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Save on Materials

jSign e-signatures help cut down on costs so dollars can be reallocated to what matters most. This allows logistics companies to reinvest those savings on new technology that can enhance their business. Plus, e-signatures reduce waste and are more environmentally friendly.

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Secured by Blockchain

Businesses share a lot of sensitive information that needs to be protected. jSign has security measures in place to protect documents like contracts, bills of lading, cargo insurance, and declaration of goods from being lost or tampered with. Blockchain technology tracks and logs every action taken to detect any tampering or unauthorized access.

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Complete Audit Trails

Review details of a document’s history, including individuals who accessed it, actions taken, and timestamps in a convenient step-by-step audit log. You get a dashboard view of your document’s history right at your fingertips.

Electronic Signatures in the Transportation Industry

Transportation professionals use jSign electronic signatures to deliver a variety of important forms and documents to their global supply chain, including:

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Bill of Lading

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Packing List

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Dangerous Goods Forms

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Freight Bill

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Certificate of Origin

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Insurance Forms

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Free on Board (FOB) Terms of Sales

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Certificate of Export

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Purchase Order

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Customer Agreement

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Shipper’s Letter of Instruction

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Warehouse Receipt

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Commercial Invoice

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Air Waybill

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High-Value Declaration

Benefits of Signing with jSign for Logistics

When dealing with important transportation documents required for crossing borders, it’s important to prioritize fast access and flexibility. Paper documents can be lost, have missing signatures, and are hard to change on a moment’s notice. jSign keeps the process organized with reminders and alerts and keeps your data in the cloud for easy access whenever and wherever you need it the most. Transportation carriers will appreciate increased efficiency in processing documents and streamlined workflows to save time and effort.

Key Features

jSign offers a variety of key features that help those in transportation streamline document workflows and improve the efficiency of day-to-day operations.

When you send a document for signature, simultaneously set a due date and schedule reminder notifications for all recipients. This is perfect for clients or carriers that are on different time zones or work remotely over the road.

jSign integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive for easy-to-access file storage on any device. Plus, jSign’s cloud-based software makes it simple to upload and save signed documents for quick access the moment you need them, from anywhere in the world.

Security is a priority, which is why the jSign platform utilizes several modern security measures to protect your documents from tampering.

jSign lets you draw a digital signature, type a digital signature, select from predefined signatures, or upload an image that contains a handwritten signature. Options are perfect for a team that requires flexibility.

Have documents that are used on every shipment? Create templates to streamline routine paperwork and save time. With templates, you upload a document, add signature lines and more, then save it to use as often as you need. Skip the setup process and get straight to signing.

It’s easy to set rules around signing order. Enable signing location restrictions to manage jurisdiction and establish sequential or parallel signing orders. With jSign, you can also enable signing location restrictions within the document and ensure all signatures are compliant.

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Worry-free Document Signing in the Cloud

Whether you’re signing a document or need to collect signatures, jSign makes electronic signing a breeze. Get started today.