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Electronic Signatures for the Legal Industry

With jSign®, law firms can collect signatures and organize documents more efficiently, easily, and safely than ever before!

Safe, Efficient, & Admissible in Court

In addition to processing millions of documents each year, firms in the legal industry must delicately organize files, collect the required signatures based on strict timelines, and ensure that their forms comply with governmental regulations. Law firm employees also need to arrange, store, and maintain documents in a manner that the court will accept.

jSign® is an industry leader in providing efficient, convenient, and legally-compliant electronic signature solutions. jSign’s advantages include blockchain stamping to track each file’s activity, anti-hacking protocols that keeps documents safely stored, and plenty of features that are compliant with the most up-to-date regulatory requirements.

In short, you can keep your mind at ease by knowing that all your signatures will be safely collected and maintained for you to conveniently access whenever you want.

Digital Solutions & Traditional Problems

Law firm employees and legal professionals spend long hours organizing case files, chasing after clients who need to sign forms, ensuring that each signature is legally compliant, and, above all, managing the teams that are in charge of these tasks.

Imagine how easy this would be without any paperwork. Or, even better, what if a single software can do all of these things for your firm?

E-Signing vs. Wet Ink Signatures

Unlike the digital solutions that jSign offers, the traditional methods for completing and organizing legal forms have lots of disadvantages.

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Prone to error

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Must be manually updated for compliance

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Pre-approval letters

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Because of these downsides, an increasing number of firms in the legal industry are turning to e-signing solutions like jSign. Equally as important is that e-signing services free up your staff’s time and allows them to focus on other productive tasks while the electronic software takes care of storing, organizing, and protecting your documents in areas where traditional methods have failed.

Using jSign’s Electronic Signing Solutions

With jSign, firms in the legal industry will enjoy plenty of benefits and advantages:

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Organize & Track Documents

Your jSign account contains all the information that you need about each document and client. Through your dashboard, you can view the files based on whether they are awaiting your signature (or the signature of your client), have an upcoming due date, or are already expired. Similarly, you can access the completed and stored forms.

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Take Comfort in Blockchain

Not only does blockchain technology certify that your documents are viewed by the right eyes, but it also has anti-fraud and anti-hacking capabilities. In the same vein, you can track the history of each form and obtain Certificates of Completion.

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Ensure Legal Compliance

Processing real estate documents can be a daunting task. jSign is the solution. With blockchain stamping, audit trails, and two-factor authentication, jSign ensures that collecting the signatures you need can be done safely and reliably.

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Maximize Efficiency

You can email forms to your clients, delegate and reassign documents between your office staff members, and track each form on your account or by simply scanning its unique QR code. All of this can be done from your jSign account dashboard. To put it another way, you don’t have to download any software or apps.

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Gain Convenience & Flexibility

You can upload multiple file formats (including PDFs, Word documents, and more), integrate your account with different platforms (such as Dropbox and Google Drive), and track the status of each form on your dashboard or via a unique QR code.

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Save Time & Money

You don’t have to worry about buying papers, storage cabinets, and printing equipment anymore. In fact, because your jSign account allows you to organize, track, and store documents, you can even save money on paying your staff to do all these things. In other words, our software will do it for you!

Electronic Signatures, Case Files, and Other Solutions for the Legal Industry

With a jSign account, you can upload thousands of types of forms, including:

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Formal and legally-binding contracts

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Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

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Agreement letters

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Landlord contracts

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Real estate sales contracts

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Business contracts

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Medical agreements

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Rental agreements

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Employment contracts

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Merger and acquisition (M&A) documents

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Retainer agreements

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Engagement letters

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New client agreements

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Separation agreements

Why Sign with jSign?

We understand that the legal industry is document-intensive, and that each case and file contains very sensitive details. In other words, law firms need to store and organize their documents in a manner that ensures their completeness, keeps them safe from hackers and pirates, complies with regulations, and is admissible in court.

One of the main benefits to using jSign is that our software is designed to help you handle all of these issues. Through relying on blockchain technology, you can safely store your documents and enjoy access to a detailed activity history of each file. Above all, each of your documents is tracked and preserved in accordance with the courts’ admissibility standards and requirements.

Key Features

Many firms in the legal industry rely on jSign’s solutions to efficiently and conveniently handle a wide range of responsibilities.

You can set up and reuse jSign’s customizable templates to save your employees’ time and redirect their attention to other productive tasks.

You can organize files by their due dates and set reminders to sign documents and follow up with clients.

Whether you want to create a electronic signature, choose from our list of predefined ones, or upload/take a picture of your handwritten signature, your jSign account lets you do it all.

For cases that involve medical information (such as disability lawsuits), rest assured that our service is compliant with HIPAA laws and requirements.

Simply put, you can upload files based on the format that you prefer, including .doc, .docx, .jpg, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, and more.

You can save and organize your documents in popular cloud storage platforms by connecting them to your jSign account. Our services are compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

If you need the signatories to sign documents in a specific order or do so within a certain jurisdiction, jSign’s features will let you do that.

In short, our anti-piracy and anti-hacking features will protect your documents and help prevent them from being stolen or tampered with. jSign’s two-factor authentication tools can further enhance your account’s safety.

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Worry-free Document Signing in the Cloud

Whether you’re signing a document or need to collect signatures, jSign makes electronic signing a breeze. Get started today.