What Is the Purpose of Audit Trails?

Audit trails track and verify different types of transactions, including electronic signatures. An audit trail helps internal and external auditors track changes to confidential databases, investigate potential fraud, and understand the timeline leading up to a particular outcome. The law also requires audit trails in many industries. However, even if they aren’t legally required, audit […]

Contract Amendment vs Addendum Explained

Creating a legally binding contract is difficult enough the first time around. Making changes to the initial document can feel like an impossible challenge.  Amendments and addendums are legal devices you can use to adjust and fine-tune contracts. When should you make an addendum to a contract, and when should you use an amendment to […]

4 Benefits of Electronic Signatures for Lawyers

Although the law is a storied profession steeped in traditionalism, it hasn’t escaped the digital revolution. Legal tech — the digital tools, platforms, and software that have improved the efficiency, effectiveness, and accessibility of law services — has transformed how lawyers practice and provide services to their clients. Electronic signatures have been one of the […]

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