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Electronic Signatures for Your Business or Professional Service

With jSign®, client signatures are authentic, easily auditable, and regulation-compliant.

Eliminate Paper Waste

There’s a lot of documentation that helps ensure your professional service is running smoothly, which can mean stacks and stacks of printed documents that you must keep track of. Going digital can help you save a lot of paper by keeping your documents in jSign’s cloud storage.

While you save money and trees by not using as much paper, you’ll also save time for your business and your client when document signing is done electronically. There’s no need to schedule excessive meetings, keep up file organization, or do constant storage maintenance when your documents are in an easily accessible digital form.

Easy and Portable

Whether you’re a business on the go, have an office, or don’t have a traditional storefront, jSign® can increase the ease of your customer’s experience. We offer e-signing that can help you get verifiable signatures from clients using a variety of document types:

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Custom Documents

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And More!

jSign available for any device, making it easy for clients to send and receive documents for signing. No more printing, scanning, or faxing!

Why Choose jSign?

You want to spend time focusing on your customer service or products, not on managing your business documents. Using jSign can provide your business with a variety of benefits.

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Automated Signing

Automating the signing process helps save time and increases your business’s efficiency. Using jSign makes the whole process simpler. Send, receive, sign, and upload documents with ease. Even set up notifications for when your documents arrive and create document due dates.

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Better Workflow

A professional service provider needs to effectively implement and execute their services with as little hassle as possible. Before, it could take a lot of time to communicate with your clients about important documents. With e-signatures, your clients can receive, sign, and send documents from anywhere.

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Reduced Costs

After a while, paper costs add up. First, there’s the constant re-stocking of the ink you need to print, replacing lost or broken pens, and eventually, you may even have to buy a new printer. Not to mention that scanning and faxing can be inaccurate, and fixing these mistakes wastes even more of your business’s time. Using jSign eliminates all these costs with easy-to-use e-signing services.

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Track Your Business

Documents signed with jSign use blockchain technology to ensure that your documents don’t get tampered with. jSign also keeps track of all changes to your documents with continuous audits that let you review any changes made. Rest assured knowing that a Certificate of Completion will be sent to you once your document is signed. This certificate will contain important identification information, such as device ID, IP address, browser, timestamps, latitude, and longitude.

Making Electronic Signatures Easy for Professional
Service Providers

No matter what service you provide, if you need an easy, fast, and flexible way of getting important documents signed, jSign can help. This includes, but is not limited to:

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Address forms

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Important business information

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Project tracking

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Account maintenance

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Client contracts

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Employee contracts

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Disclosure statements

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Project contracts

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Transaction confirmations

Get the Most Out of E-signatures with jSign

Your professional service business should be safe and efficient. With jSign, you can help streamline one of the clunkiest parts of doing business—paperwork. When you use jSign, you know that your important business documents are protected with blockchain encryption and that all changes to your documents will be audited automatically.

jSign offers you a suite of features to help you improve the document management processes.

jSign allows for several signing methods like hand signing, predefined options, or image uploads. Plus, it also allows you to choose how you want your client to sign, including sequential or parallel signing orders.

jSign supports all common formats like .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, xlsx, .txt .ppt, .pptx, jpg, and .bmp.

Since you likely use the same documents again and again, jSign allows you to create and reuse document templates.

While making it easier to sign documents on the go, jSign also allows for you to use Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Cloud storage is a convenient way for any business to keep, share, organize, and access your vital business documents. jSign’s cloud allows you to access your documents from anywhere!

You want to ensure that your documents get signed by all the necessary individuals and on time. By setting up convenient notifications and reminders, you can be sure that your document will be turned in and signed on time.

Use the tools provided to jSign users to set and keep your documents more protected. By keeping track of device ID and signer location, you can set a signing jurisdiction that limits the location in which the document can be signed.

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Worry-free Document Signing in the Cloud

Whether you’re signing a document or need to collect signatures, jSign makes electronic signing a breeze. Get started today.