What Is Digital Signature Software?

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Today’s software solutions have streamlined everything from data entry to content creation to contract routing. With the advent of digital signature software, gone are the days when legal documents had to be printed out, signed, routed, and rerouted through endless channels for additional signatures. That archaic paper-passing process is not only time-consuming but may delay critical decisions, stall entire projects, and potentially damage client relationships.

Digital signature software is now today’s standard, offering a solution that ensures contracts can be signed more quickly and efficiently — sometimes within moments. The ability to circulate a  digital equivalent to a handwritten signature or stamp removes the frustration of getting lost in a paper trail maze.

This article will guide you through how e-signature software works, underscore why e-signature software is important, and highlight the key features most important to your business.

How Digital Signature Software Works

Online document signing gives you the opportunity to create a unique digital signature for executing and verifying your documents online. It’s a straightforward process: a document is uploaded into the software, and whoever oversees the signature process can then route it to the designated parties in whatever order they choose.

When someone receives the document via email, they have a few different options for signing, such as:

  • using their mouse to create an electronic signature that mimics its physical counterpart
  • photographing their written signature
  • recreating the signature using a stylus or sign pad 
  • using a template that will automatically generate their signature and initials

Once signed, the document is seamlessly passed to the next signatory on the list. When everyone on the list is done signing, the document is secured and marked as complete, and all the signatories now have a fully executed copy for their records.

Sometimes, along the way, people may want to introduce revisions or changes. The signature tools provide a dynamic workflow, allowing them to see the most current version of the document, make necessary comments or suggestions, and send it back to its original owner. Software for online digital signatures completely streamlines and simplifies the task of reviewing and updating documents.

Why Is Digital Signature Software Important?

Electronic signature tools provide important perks for businesses aiming to stay innovative and competitive. The days of requiring handwritten signatures for legal validity are behind us.

E-signature software helps businesses promote seamless integration across different departments and delivers numerous benefits including:

  • Improved efficiency: Contracts and documents no longer languish in limbo awaiting signatures and snail mail. Many software tools incorporate unlimited document options to make the process fast and easy, regardless of what needs signing.
  • Living documents: With electronic contract signing, everyone involved can view the latest version of the document. This way, there is no doubt about which round of edits reflect the most recent changes.
  • Heightened security: Digital document signing tools come with security features that physical copies just don’t have, enhancing the identity protection of each signatory.
  • Greater accuracy: Electronic automation tools can check for mistakes and help with review processes to improve accuracy.
  • Customer and employee satisfaction: Today’s employees and customers want to work with businesses that incorporate the latest tools, including online document signing tools.
  • Digital transformation: Improving your signature workflow is an important step toward paperless operation and a crucial component in the company’s overall digital transformation planning.

These benefits highlight just how crucial e-signature software can be for a business’s long-term efficiency and success. Since the shift toward remote work during COVID-19 has perpetuated and even increased, the notion of routing paper documents seems absurd. Any forward-thinking company should consider implementing e-signature software as an important step toward the future.

Key Features of Digital Signature Software

E-signature tools help you and your teams create digital signature options to facilitate many different processes, from sales and marketing to client onboarding and vendor management. Let’s explore the four most helpful common features.

Secure Signature Generation to Protect a Signer’s Identity

Identity theft and data breaches continue to be key concerns for today’s businesses. Digital signature software incorporates robust security practices in its document handling and signature generation. With this protection in place, signatories never have to worry about their unique signature or information being compromised.

Authentication and Accountability to Promote Transparency

Digital signature solutions include authentication tools to verify the signatory’s identity. Features like a certificate of completion verify the final document and help everyone stay transparent and accountable. 

Compliance and Legal Validity

Audit trails validate your process across each step, ensuring that the final document is legally compliant and will hold up in a courtroom. To further safeguard document integrity, the software can protect and lock PDF documents preventing any post-signature changes. 

Efficiency and Integration to Streamline Workflows

Digital signature software significantly boosts overall workflow. Real-time status updates allow you to track signatories, and automated reminders can help expedite the process.

Most importantly, you no longer have to wait for paper routing and handwritten signatures for your sales contracts, amendments, or other critical legal documents. Digital signature software makes it happen quickly.

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The advantages of electronic signature software are clear: it streamlines your document processes, aligns your digital transformation with your contract procedures, and enhances satisfaction and security.

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