How to Sign a PDF on Your iPhone and iPad

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What happens when you need to sign a PDF, but don’t have access to a printer, scanner or even a desktop computer? You could wait until you do have access to those things. But depending on the type of document, this can lead to a costly or time-consuming delay. There’s a simple solution — using a mobile device to add your digital signature to your PDF.

With the right tools, you can sign a PDF online using your iPad or iPhone. This is a fast and efficient way to add your digital signature while on the go. Keep reading as we dive into why you might need to sign PDF documents on a mobile device and how to do so using your iPad or iPhone.

Why You Might Need to Sign PDF Documents on an iPhone or iPad

There are a variety of situations when you might find yourself needing to sign a PDF online from an iPhone or iPad. One of the most common is that you find yourself needing to sign an important, time-sensitive document while you’re out of the office and don’t have access to a laptop or desktop.

For instance, if you frequently need to sign approvals at work, waiting to sign an important document could cause a delay when your team can’t continue working on a project until you sign. But if you’re traveling for work or in the middle of your morning commute, waiting to sign the document in person or digitally on a desktop or laptop can take too much time. Having the ability to create an electronic signature on an iPhone or iPad can allow you to send your approval without delay.

Signing a PDF online via an iPhone or iPad isn’t only useful for work purposes. If you’re going through a divorce, having work done on your home or need to sign a form for your child’s school while you’re out of town, having the ability to sign contracts and other documents on the go can help you meet deadlines and avoid delays.

Are PDF Signatures Legally Binding? 

According to the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act, contracts and other agreements cannot be rendered unenforceable or voided because they were digitally signed. This means that PDF signatures are legally binding, as long as they meet a few requirements. 

There has to be specific evidence that the person signing the document intended to do so, and that they were signaling that they accepted the information in that document. This agreement is signified when you’re asked to type your name or draw your signature on the digital document. A record of the signature, such as through an audit report, must also be created. Finally, if a business is looking to send a contract to a customer, they’ll need to have the customer opt into digital signing before asking them to sign a document digitally. This step will often occur when first working with a new client or business. You might be asked to sign a contract or this guideline might be included in the fine print of your working agreement.

How to Sign a PDF on an iPhone

If you need to sign a PDF while on the move, using your iPhone can be a fast and convenient choice. An iPhone makes it easy to receive and view PDFs outside of your home or office and to sign a PDF without having to find WiFi. There are a few ways that you can use an iPhone to sign a PDF. Let’s take a look at two of the most common methods for using an iPhone to digitally sign a PDF.

Sign a PDF Using Markup

One way to use an iPhone to sign a PDF is by using the Markup feature on your iPhone. While this might be a simple way to leave notes on a document while on the go, it’s also a great option for signing a PDF. However, it likely won’t meet the requirements of the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, and as a result, won’t be legally binding.

Signing PDFs Using jSign

A better alternative is to use a digital signing service like jSign. To sign a PDF, you’ll start by logging into jSign using your choice of mobile browser. From there, sign into your jSign account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one here. There’s even a 14-day free trial for first-time users.

Next, you’ll need to upload your PDF. You can do this by downloading the PDF onto your device from your email or another source, then click to upload it into jSign. When your PDF is uploaded, it will ask you to add Signers. If you’ve used jSign in the past, you’ll have a profile for yourself and others you’ve had sign a document already loaded. But if not, you’ll need to add yourself and any other individuals who will be signing. Choose where in the PDF document you’ll be placing your signature, also called the signature placeholder.

You’ll then be prompted to create your signature. You have a few options to do this. You can type your name, and then choose from some of the signatures and fonts that are automatically generated. Another option is to sign on your screen using your finger or a stylus. You can also upload a picture of your hand-drawn signature. Finally, hit Save and then Finish. A copy of your signed PDF will be saved to your jSign account, and your document will be sent to any recipients or other signers that you’ve chosen.

How to Sign a PDF on an iPad

Creating a digital signature on an iPad is very similar to digitally signing a document with your iPhone. With a larger screen and the option to use an Apple Pencil, using your iPad can make it easier to review your document in full before signing and create a more accurate, personalized signature.

Using Markup

One method to add an electronic signature on an iPad is to use the Markup feature. But as with using this on an iPhone, this might not create a valid, binding signature. It’s also not a secure option for sending and marking sensitive documents.

Using jSign

If you want a fast and safe way to add a digital signature to a PDF from your iPad, it’s better to use a digital signing service like jSign.

Just like with an iPhone, you’ll start by searching for jSign on your choice of mobile browser on your iPad. Create an account or login into your existing one, upload your document, choose your signature placement and create your signature. 

Sign a PDF Online with an iPad or iPhone

When you need to sign a PDF quickly, waiting until you can get to your laptop or desktop might not be an option. Having the ability to sign and send PDFs from anywhere means never having to miss an important deadline or cause an unnecessary delay again.While your device’s markup feature might seem like a quick way to add your signature, it isn’t a safe or effective option. Using jSign on your iPhone or iPad simplifies the signing process and ensures that your digital signature is legal.  If you need to sign PDFs on the go or want to make the process even more convenient, get started using jSign on your mobile device today.

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