What To Do Next?

As the:

  • Sender of a document, it's best to start by:

    • Entering the contact information of all individuals you think would be signers/witnesses of your documents

    You can then:

    • Select individual documents—or a document template.

    • Prepare either for signature and submittal. (If you don’t finish everything you want to do, you can save itas a draft.)

    ...and, subsequently:

    • Verify the authenticity of documents signed and returned to you.

    • View any you’ve already stored in jSign.

  • Recipient of a document - You can review and sign it.

What do you want to do?

In addition, on :

The Dashboard Screen

To view (if any):

  • Documents awaiting signature: Click the Awaiting My Signature or Awaiting Others tile.

  • Completed (i.e., signed) documents: Click the Completed tile.

  • View documents that are due soon: Click the Signing Due Soon tile.

  • Envelopes with documents still unsigned: Click the Unsigned Envelopes tile.

  • Documents to be signed this month: Click the Signer Calendar tile.

...or to:

  • View your categorized envelopes: Click the Envelopes, By Category tile (if displayed).

  • Access to-be-signed documents that are still in draft form: Click the appropriate button in the Recent Drafts tile.

  • See your particular jSign plan: Click the Subscription Details tile.

The Manage (Envelopes) Screen


  • Create envelopes: See Upload Documents or Use a Document Template.

  • See what envelopes you’ve received, sent, and/or still contain document drafts pending completion/submittal: See Envelopes in the navigation sidebar.

  • View envelopes containing documents still awaiting your signature, others’ signatures—and those (if any) in which you have been designated as an observer (i.e., witness of others’ signatures): See Quick Views in the navigation sidebar.

  • See envelopes that have been completed/cancelled, are due soon, and/or contain signature requests that have expired or been denied: See Status in the navigation sidebar.

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