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Electronic Signing of Healthcare Documents – Game Changer!

Electronically Signing documents can be costly and hard to manage – we have simplified it. As the world leader in electronic faxing, we have launched jSign, a powerful electronic signing solution that is cost effective (unlike others that charge you for their name), easy to use and full featured – with templates for portal users and a powerful API for system applications.

Join us for an informative webinar led by Bronwen Huron BSN, MS, PMP and Tim Adams, Senior Product Manager to see how healthcare companies are improving patient experiences and lowering their operating costs with jSign.

Join us for a 60 minute webinar to get to know jSign better and ensure you are getting the most out of your esignature solution.

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Is UETA compliant solution allowing users to sign, send, track, and collect electronic signatures

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Meets the ESIGN ACT of 2000 definition of electronic signing

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Captures the signer’s intent and provides an audit trail of the entire signature ceremony

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Provides solutions tailored for SMB, Corporate and Large Enterprise

Photograph of Timothy Adam Product Manager jSign

Timothy Adam

Product Manager

Photograph of Bronwen Huron Senior Product Manager

Bronwen Huron, RN, MS, PMP

Senior Product Manager, Healthcare

Come join us and see:

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Introduction to jSign and what sets it apart from other solutions.

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Our powerful web portal and template capabilities

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Our API based solution – saves you money over competition

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Review use cases and how jSign meets regulatory requirements for industries such as Healthcare.

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Q&A let us know how you use jSign and share best practices and ideas for the future.