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How It Works  /  Create Digital Signatures in Minutes

Create Digital Signatures in Minutes

You no longer have to put pen to paper to create a credible, authentic signature. jSign’s cloud technology makes it simple to create, sign, and collect digital signatures on a desktop or mobile device.

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What is a Digital Signature?

Just like a signature in your own handwriting, digital signatures are used to authenticate the signer of documents or digital messages. Sometimes referred to as electronic signatures or e-signatures, each digital signature is generated with a digital certificate that thoroughly verifies how the document was signed. This offers the highest levels of safeguarding and universal acceptance, ensuring the signature is valid on contracts, legal documents, and more.

Benefits of Digital Signatures

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Compliant and Legally Binding

Digital signatures that are backed by a trust service provider (TSP), such as a certificate authority (CA), are treated like written signatures on any document. This means your electronic signature is legal and compliant with major regulations.

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Safe and Protected

Digital signatures are tamper-proof thanks to a cryptographic code that makes it easy to verify the identity of the signer. This code is unique to each person, similar to a fingerprint. Digital signatures are also marked with a timestamp. If any changes occur after a signature is added, the signature is considered invalid.

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Easy to Track

You can use electronic signatures for high-risk data transactions because jSign tracks the progress of each document through an audit trail. As part of our tamper-proof process, audit trails record all actions taken on a document and include a Certificate of Completion showing the IP address, browser, device, and location of everyone who signed the document.

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How Do I Create a Digital Signature?

Digital signatures work just like hand-written ones – but better!

If you’re wondering how to create your own digital signature, jSign is a leading digital signature creator with four convenient options for creating customized electronic signatures that can be used to sign documents online.

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Use a Touchscreen Device

If you have a smartphone, tablet, or another touchscreen, simply use your finger or a stylus to draw your signature on the screen and save it for future use in your jSign account. This makes it easy to drag and drop your digital signature onto documents wherever and whenever it’s needed.

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Use your Mobile Phone

Use your very own John Hancock to sign all of your digital documents. It’s a simple process: Just snap a picture of your written signature with the camera on your mobile phone and upload it to jSign. Then, save it in your account so you have quick access to your signature for all your online document-signing needs.

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Use a Sign Pad

If your business has POS software or uses a digital signing pad for another purpose, you can use the sign pad to capture your signature and upload it to jSign. Similar to using the touchscreen on a mobile device, a sign pad uses a stylus so you can create a digital signature that resembles your handwritten one.

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Use an E-Signature Template

jSign has templated grab and go e-signatures. Choosing one of our templates makes it quick and easy to create a digital signature to use on all your electronic documents. Not a fan of your handwriting? This is the perfect option for you because we have a variety of different fonts and signature styles to choose from.

How Do Digital Signatures Work?

After you create your digital signature, you can use it to sign a variety of documents from your desktop or mobile device. jSign digital signatures are ideal for business-related documents, like agreements, contracts, invoices, purchase orders, and more.
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Add Documents to jSign

Using digital software like jSign makes it easy to sign documents online. Simply drag and drop documents into jSign from your computer, or integrate your account with cloud storage tools like Google Drive or Dropbox. Then, designate within the document where one or more people need to add their e-signature.

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Send Documents for Signing

If your electronic signature is required, you can add it first prior to sending the file to other signers. With jSign, you can send a document to an unlimited number of contacts. You can even choose from sequential or parallel signing order. And don’t worry, your contacts don’t need to have a jSign account.

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Stay Organized and Keep Business Moving

Never lose track of outstanding documents or let another deadline slip by. jSign lets you set due dates and reminders so you’re operating on your own watch, not a signer’s schedule. Real-time notifications make sure you’re alerted as soon as signing is complete. You can even keep all your documents stored in the cloud so you can access them at any time.

Digital Signatures Made Simple

jSign is easy to use and allows you to quickly sign documents online from wherever you are, making it easy to get things done faster and safer.
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Based on Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology tracks every step of the signature process to give you peace of mind and ensure that all signatures are legally binding. We also use document tracking to create traceable audit trails that detail out any changes made to your documents to protect against tampering.

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Equipped with Two-Factor Authentication

Protect your private information and sensitive documents with an added layer of security. jSign utilizes two-factor authentication with a mobile device or email address so that no one but you can access your information.

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Validated via Certificate of Completion

With every signed document, jSign customers receive a Certificate of Completion that confirms the validity of each signed document. This includes a detailed certificate showing the IP address, browser, device, and location of each person who signed the document.

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Stored in the Cloud

It’s easy to access any documents in Google Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox right from the jSign platform. This compatibility gives you confidence that you can truly access your important documents anywhere and at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electronic Signatures

To add a digital signature to a PDF, you must first create your signature in jSign. Next, upload your PDF into jSign and create fields for signatures. You can add your own or send it off to a contact to initial, sign, and date. Recipients can upload their handwritten signature, sign with a stylus, or type their name in the signature field.

jSign is compatible with both .doc and .docx file formats, making it simple to add your digital signature to a Word document. Once you’ve set up a jSign account and created a digital signature, just drag and drop the document into jSign and add your e-signature. Then, you can drop in signature fields and send the document out to collect other signer’s signatures.

It’s easy to convert your signature to a digital signature with jSign. There are four simple ways to get started. Try uploading a picture of your written signature using your mobile phone, or drawing your signature on your touchscreen mobile device. You can also use a digital signing pad with a stylus to write your signature. If none of those options work for you, jSign has custom digital signature templates that you can utilize. After creating a digital signature, you can use it to sign documents from any compatible device.

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Worry-free Document Signing in the Cloud

Whether you’re signing a document or need to collect signatures, jSign makes electronic signing a breeze. Get started today.