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signNow Alternatives to Help Your Small Business Succeed

Electronic signatures are required for many things today, from online petitions to digital contracts and non-disclosure agreements. Where do you turn when you need to ensure that those signatures are legally acceptable and binding? For many people, signNow is an option.

However, while signNow is definitely a force to contend with in the industry, they’re not the only option out there. It may also not be the easiest to use, either. While signNow promises “no coding, no APIs, just infinite possibilities”, sometimes those very possibilities can be so overwhelming that they become confusing.

There’s also the fact that in order to access some of the more important functions and features, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the more expensive pricing tiers. That can put a lot of strain on your small business’s budget.

Thankfully, there are plenty of signNow alternatives on the market that make it easier to manage your documents seamlessly.

Best signNow Alternative: jSign®

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If you’re looking for a simple, straightforward signature tool, jSign delivers. It’s built on the premise that users want a streamlined experience and intuitive design, rather than overcomplicated offerings that are hard to use.

Let’s talk about ease of use: signNow’s offering is limited to just basic fields and sending documents for signing. If you want access to more advanced features, you’ll have to upgrade to a more expensive plan. With jSign, you get much more flexibility and more value.

Check out a few of jSign’s other capabilities that make it the best signNow alternative below.

graphic jsign status at a glance

At a Glance Status Updates

With jSign, you can tell what’s waiting on you, what documents are waiting for others to sign them, what documents have been completed, and more. You get all that information at a glance, making it easier to focus on what you need to do.

graphic jsign upload

Document Upload

jSign makes it simple, easy, and effective to upload your documents. You can use your computer, but you’re also free to use Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

graphic jsign calendar


Quickly access your personalized calendar to see approaching due dates.

graphic jsign protection


With jSign, you can easily spot modifications to a document after it has been signed, protecting you from fraud.

graphic jsign subscription details

Get the Details

jSign makes it simple to track all the details of your subscription, including accessing how many documents remain for the month. Plus, upgrading to a higher capacity plan is simple.

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You get access to critical features for less with jSign, helping you stretch your budget further without sacrificing capabilities.

jSign Features

While jSign ranks as the best signNow alternative due to its easy-to-use interface and streamlined functionality, that doesn’t mean it is lacking in features. Here are some of the most important features built into the platform:

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Easily send reminders

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Create templates to save time

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Set custom due dates

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Send documents to as many signers as necessary

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Upload, select from previously used signatures, or draw your own signature

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Send documents for signing sequentially or all at once

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Specify signature order and type from specific signers

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Integrate with and send signed documents to cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive

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Use common file extensions, such as .docx and .pdf, as well as .ppt, .xls, and more

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Save signed documents to the jSign cloud for easy access later

Why Should You Use jSign for E-signatures?

Why consider using jSign as your preferred signNow alternative? We can think of plenty of reasons!

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Streamline your workflows

jSign makes it simple to set up sequential and parallel signing, automate signing flow, and accelerate the entire process. Plus, you can use that free time to focus on things that matter most, rather than document management.

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Serious protection for your documents

jSign offers robust encryption to protect against digital threats, fraud, document manipulation, and other dangers. Plus, the system automatically times out after 30 minutes, blocking access to your documents if you’ve forgotten to log out of the system.

icon hippa compliance

Ensure compliance

jSign is HIPAA compliant, so medical offices, doctors, medical record storage facilities, and others can use it with confidence.

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It’s legally binding

jSign creates legally binding documents that are ESIGN and UETA compliant and valid under US federal law. Plus, the audit trail provides detailed information about each document for accountability.

Isn’t it time you had a better signing tool? Let’s get signing!

Additional signNow Alternatives to Consider

While we feel that jSign is the best signNow competitor, there are other choices available. We’ll explore some of the most popular of those below.

icon DocuSign logo


DocuSign has been around for a long time and is probably the most familiar digital signing tool on the market. It offers plenty of features, robust security, and lots of other benefits. However, there are some pretty significant drawbacks here.

For instance, the sheer number of features and capabilities on offer makes it hard for many users to navigate. Then there’s the cost – you’ll find that DocuSign is more expensive than jSign and even more expensive than signNow.

icon PandaDoc logo


PandaDoc is a specialist in a field of generalists. While anyone can use it, the platform is really designed more for sales professionals. That does lead to some interesting integration capabilities, such as Zoho, but it might be limiting if you don’t need it for sales.

It does bring some necessary features to the table, though. For instance, it allows you to import contact information from your CRM, and helps you create some different document types. However, you will find that the drag-and-drop capabilities for adding text to a document are less functional than you’d like.

icon Adobe Sign logo

Adobe Sign

If you’re part of the wider Adobe ecosystem, Adobe Sign might be worth considering. It includes both a mobile app and a web-based interface, but the design is not all that user-friendly, so many people find it frustrating to use.

This is another signing solution that includes a very wide range of features (too many for some users). For instance, in addition to signing and sending tools, you can accept payments and integrate with other parts of your technology stack. However, many users report that those features don’t really offer much value or utility as they don’t need them. It’s also one of the most expensive signNow competitors.

icon Adobe Sign logo


One of the lesser known signNow alternatives, AltoSign is free to use. However, that low price tag comes with some drawbacks. For instance, it can only be used to sign PDFs. It does provide some additional functionality, though.

For instance, you can reorder documents, set passwords for protection, remove pages, and more. It does lack many of the more advanced features, but for those who have little concern for encryption and only need to sign PDFs, AltoSign might be worth considering.

icon Form Stack logo

FormStack Sign

For organizations that must comply with HIPAA regulations, Formstack Sign could be a good choice. Users can integrate Outlook and Gmail contacts, and it does offer the ability to send documents as text messages for signing.

However, Formstack Sign lacks a mobile app option. It is also one of the most expensive signNow alternatives on the market, and you’ll need to upgrade beyond the basic tier to access more advanced features.

icon JotForm logo


If you want to create digital documents from scratch, rather than uploading your own existing documents, then JotForm could be for you. It features a drag-and-drop form builder to help you create custom digital documents from scratch and then send them for signing.

signNow Competitors: The Full List

We’ve covered some of the most prominent signNow competitors, but there are many more. Here’s a longer list of alternatives.
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FormStack Sign

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Nitro Cloud

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There’s really no shortage of options out there. The best advice? If you’re considering signNow alternatives, know what you want from the software and compare your options carefully to ensure you get the right fit.

What to Consider When Comparing signNow Alternatives

Comparing signNow competitors? It pays to know what to look for in a viable solution. We’ll break everything down for you below.

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Legally Binding

Perhaps the single most important factor is that any signNow alternatives you consider create legally binding e-signatures. That means they must be ESIGN and ETA compliant. The company should make this compliance clear from the outset, but if you can’t find a mention of it, consider sending an email to check.

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As a small business, your budget is already tight. The wrong e-signature solution could stretch it beyond the breaking point. We’ve covered several signNow alternatives with big price tags, as well as some that are very affordable, or even free. Make sure that you know the price and that it fits your budget.

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Ensure you get the features you need. Note that features are often tied to price – more advanced features are generally only available with higher-priced tiers. You’ll have to balance price and features to find the right tool for your small business.

icon support assistance

Support & Assistance

Is the company there when you need them? How can you get support – do you have to submit a support ticket and then wait for several days or can you call immediately? Make sure that the company you choose provides the support and guidance methods you prefer.

icon free trial

Free Trial

Finally, make sure the signNow alternative you choose offers a free trial. This allows you to test drive the software and make sure that it’s a good fit for your needs.

The Right Electronic Signing Solution

Finding the right e-signature software can be a challenge. There are plenty of signNow alternatives available, but they are not all the same. Take your time, explore the options, and make an informed decision. You can try jSign with a free trial today.

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Worry-free Document Signing in the Cloud

Whether you’re signing a document or need to collect signatures, jSign makes electronic signing a breeze. Get started today.