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Best Signaturely Alternative for Business

A quick Google search for “electronic signature software” will yield millions of results (107 million, to be exact) and easily hundreds of options for you to choose from. But a saturated market like this can make it hard to sort through the invalid, scammy, not-legally-binding, and overly-expensive e-signature programs.

Signaturely is just one of the fairly popular solutions you may have encountered. But we’re going to tell you why jSign® is the best Signaturely alternative available.

jSign® – The Best Signaturely Alternative

The truth is that there are many jSign and Signaturely competitors out there who hold their place. But the best Signaturely alternative for business is, no contest, jSign. A collection of helpful, intuitive features combine to make jSign an efficient solution to meet all of your electronic signature needs. This simple tool makes collecting and tracking electronic signatures easier and faster than ever before.

Why jSign is the Best Signaturely Alternative

graphic jsign verified authenticity

Verified Authenticity

With jSign, each step in a document is tracked and timestamped in a detailed audit log, including modifications to any previously applied signatures. This authenticity offers peace of mind.

graphic jsign document tracking

Document Tracking

Track the status of your document easily from the dashboard. See which documents need your signature, which are waiting on others to sign, documents that are due soon, completed documents, etc.

graphic jsign easy uploads

Easy Uploads

Document upload is simple and will work from your computer or various cloud storage devices, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive.

graphic jsign calendar view

Calendar View

The calendar view is a visual way to set the due dates and see when documents are due from a month-high view. Stay on track with this handy tool.

graphic jsign manage subscription

Subscription Management

Whether you need to change your subscription pay schedule or upgrade your plan to allow for more documents, you can do so from the simple Subscription Details dashboard.

jSign Features

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Fast – Collect signatures in just a couple of minutes.

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Easy – Upload your document, invite parties to sign, and get a notification when the document is complete.

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Audit Trails – Actions recorded and timestamped in the audit log.

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Unlimited Signatures — Send documents to an unlimited number of signers.

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Sending Options — Send to recipients simultaneously or in a designated order.

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Versatile File Formats — Use .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, xlsx, .txt, .ppt, & .pptx documents.

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3 Ways to eSign — Upload, select your electronic signature from the provided options, or draw your own signature.

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Schedule Management — Set due dates and send reminders automatically.

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Blockchain Technology – Helps prevent fraud, false signatures, & electronic document tampering.

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3rd-Party Storage — Send documents to Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

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Cloud Saving — Save signed documents in the cloud for easy reference.

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HIPAA Compliant/BAA – jSign is HIPAA compliant.

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AffordablejSign plans start as low as only $9.99 per month.

Why Choose jSign for E-Signatures

icon workflows


Choosing the order in which your document is signed helps automate your workflow. You can easily select either parallel or sequential order for the signatures. Instead of spending your valuable time collecting, organizing, and re-sending documents to each required signer, you can do it all automatically. With the help of automated reminders, you can even check that off your list.

icon versatile


jSign is the ideal solution for various industries and types of businesses. A few of our happy customers sit within the finance, medical, real estate, insurance, construction, education, and other fields. We even have clients in the legal industry. We also offer packages to meet the needs of small, medium, and large businesses, including enterprise solutions.

icon enhanced security


Unique security settings allow you to restrict access to a particular document based on geographical location. So, for example, if you know that all of your signers are in California, you can restrict it to California-only, helping to prevent criminal activity. Plus, the blockchain technology jSign offers helps protect your documents from fraud and tampering. As mentioned previously, jSign is also HIPAA compliant, making it one of the best eSign software for medical offices. And as an added measure for your protection, the jSign online dashboard automatically times out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

icon legally binding

Legally Binding

It must be legally binding for an online electronic signature option to truly matter. Otherwise, a paper signature is probably your best bet. But because jSign is ESIGN and UETA compliant, it ensures documents are valid under U.S. law. And as an added benefit, detailed audit trails for each document are accessible at any time. These include the device type, IP address of the signer, browser used, the approximate longitude and latitude, and a timestamp for each action.

Other Signaturely Competitors

jSign is a great alternative to Signaturely, but there are many other options on the market to choose from. Here are some other Signaturely competitors to consider.

icon DocuSign logo


DocuSign is arguably the most widely known name out there. Unfortunately, for a lot of smaller companies, sole proprietors, and individuals, the price point for the products is a little steep. jSign has created more affordable plans, making them the best electronic signature software for small business owners.

Not only is DocuSign’s full suite on the high end of the price scale, but the extensive collection of software can also be complicated for smaller companies. The simplicity and intuitive design of jSign will uncomplicate the process, removing the excess steps and leaving you with a simple, clean, and effective e-signature program.

DocuSign’s basic plan currently offers a single user to send up to as many as five signature-request documents per month. At the same time, jSign allows up to 25—that’s five times the amount.

icon signNow logo


signNow is part of the airSlate Business Cloud. If you use airSlate for workflow automation, this may be a good e-signature option for you.v

signNow has a web-based platform, as well as Android and iOS apps. While it has some useful features, their introductory Business plan is limited to basic fields and sending documents for signing. The additional features, like custom branding, setting reminders and notifications, and requesting payments, are all on the higher-priced plans.

If you need to contact support, you’ll be limited to email unless you’re an Enterprise-level subscriber.

icon Adobe Sign logo

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign (formerly EchoSign) is part of the Adobe Document Cloud. While it includes both a web-based platform and a mobile app, its interface isn’t as user-friendly as some.

It has additional features, like letting you accept payments from customers, and has robust integrations. But most of those extra features come with a higher cost. For support, you’re limited to sending an email or submitting a support ticket, unless, again, you’re on a higher-priced plan.

If you need all the bells and whistles, Adobe Sign may be a good option. But they’re one of the more expensive Signaturely alternatives.

icon Panda Doc logo


PandaDoc is an electronic signature solution aimed at sales professionals. Because of its sales focus, it has some useful integrations like Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zoho. You can also import contact data from your current CRM on one of their more expensive plans.

PandaDoc lets users create proposals, quotes, and contracts, and has a large template library. Some users have found that the drag-and-drop feature for placing text in the documents can be clunky, which may be an inconvenience.

icon Formstack Sign logo

Formstack Sign

Formstack Sign is a HIPAA compliant solution, which may make it a good choice for healthcare and medical offices. While it lacks a mobile app, it does offer the option for users to send documents via text message for signing on mobile devices like a phone or tablet. It also lets users integrate their contacts from Gmail or Outlook. Unfortunately, both of these useful features are only available on a higher priced plan.

Formstack Sign is one of the more expensive e-signature options, with even the lowest tier outpricing some mid-range options.

icon eversign logo


E-signature platform eversign has plans that range from their very limited free Lite version to their top-tier Professional Plus plan, which includes unlimited documents, app integrations, and custom branding. It also includes an internal document editor that lets you edit your PDF contracts and agreements.

eversign’s signatures are legally valid in the United States and Europe (as are most other options on this list).

icon HelloSign logo


HelloSign is Dropbox’s e-signature solution, which means it easily integrates with their cloud storage. it lets you add electronic signatures to any document, and it also offers an API solution that lets you embed e-signatures into your website.

It also integrates with Salesforce, Slack, and Google Docs, which may make your workflow easier. HelloSign has online support via chat and email, as well as an online knowledge base.

icon AltoSign logo


AltoSign is a free e-signature software for signing PDFs. It allows you to combine documents and reorder pages, as well as remove pages from your upload. You can also password protect your PDFs for extra security.

As a free service, AltoSign doesn’t include the robust features of the best Signaturely alternatives, like setting due dates and reminders, sending to multiple signers, or an intuitive dashboard. While it may be a free way to sign documents, it doesn’t have enough features for most small businesses.

icon JotForm logo


JotForm is a bit different from most Signaturely alternatives. Rather than uploading a PDF or other document for signature, JotForm has a drag and drop form builder that lets you create and publish online forms.

It integrates with services like Slack, MailChimp, Hubspot, and PayPal, so it can be a great way to collect information through email, messaging, or a payment platform. JotForm may be a good supplemental program to e-signature solutions like jSign.

icon SignEasy logo


SignEasy has a number of useful features, although most of them are limited to its upper-tier plans. Reusable templates, unlimited signatures, and document reminders are not available on the basic plan. Further, users are limited to requesting five signatures per month unless they upgrade to a more expensive plan.

On the other hand, it is compliant with ESIGN (United States), UETA (United States), eIDAS (EU), and Aadhaar eSign (India). So it may be a good choice for businesses that require e-signatures from overseas clients, customers, or vendors.

Support on the basic plan is limited to email. There is chat support for the higher-priced plans, but it has limited hours.

Who Are Signaturely Competitors?

Signaturely has a large list of competitors in the market, including:
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Formstack Sign

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Nitro Cloud

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And more

With so many options to choose from, each with different features, benefits, and considerations, we recommend you research these top choices before choosing the best Signaturely alternative for your small business needs.

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Key Things to Consider when Choosing an E-Sign Software

Part of the reason why there are so many e-sign options out there is because there are so many kinds of businesses. What might be right for some may not be right for others, so each Signaturely competitor serves a different need. When shopping, be sure that your business’ basic necessities are covered and that you’re not overpaying for features you don’t need. Here are some of the key considerations to look for when choosing an e-sign software.

icon coins stacked


Your business has a budget and price will likely play a critical role in your decision process. There are quite a few different price points out there, from free up to expensive enterprise models. So before you settle on a budget, think about what features you need and look for the best value instead of the best price.

icon workflow

Workflow & Simplicity

As a small business, you know just how crucial simplicity and a seamless workflow can be for efficiency. This should be a key consideration when making a selection: is the software easy to use and does it allow for each flow throughout each step. This can be a big time-saver that you will notice the first day that you begin using your new e-sign software.

icon authenticity


A big factor for many businesses is whether or not an e-signature is legally binding. All reputable electronic signature software should comply with ESIGN and UETA to ensure that each signature is legally binding, protecting both parties. This should be pretty easy to find out, as authenticated companies will display their compliance. Some software is not, so this is something that you should keep at the top of your mind during your search. Along the same lines, the ability to track and audit documents can play a role here, as well as extra security measures offered by some Signaturely competitors.

icon free trial promotions

Free Trial Promotions

Any paid e-sign software should offer a free trial promotional period. This shows you just how confident the company is in their software; they will let you get a feel for it before you spend any money. The “try before you buy” is a big consideration when choosing a new service for your business, especially given how many users will have to interact with the software and how crucial the information being passed through it is.

Get Started with Free Online Signature Software

The easiest and best way to electronically sign documents online is: jSign. And with the free trial offer, there is no reason not to give this powerful and simple solution a try. No obligation. No spam emails. Cancel anytime, with no questions asked.

So what are you waiting for?

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