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PandaDoc Alternatives for Your Small Business

If you have been searching for a simple and cost-effective app for signing documents electronically and managing electronic signatures, you’ve likely encountered the popular choice PandaDoc.

While PandaDoc is a major player in the electronic signature industry, it isn’t the best for all small businesses. There are more affordable options with better features to choose from, depending on your specific needs.

PandaDoc is designed for and targets sales professionals. It integrates easily with major sales platforms like Hubspot, Zoho, and Salesforce. Since it’s focused on appeasing sales people, it may not be the type of e-signature solution you need.

It’s important to research your available choices to find the PandaDoc alternative that meets your needs for efficient and effective document management!

Best PandaDoc Alternative: jSign®

Collecting and managing electronic signatures is easy, fast, and cost-effective with jSign. Unlike some other e-signature solutions, jSign has a simple-to-understand interface. It’s not overloaded with complex features that many people have no real need for.

jSign is an excellent PandaDoc alternative, especially for small business uses that are not directly centered on sales. jSign’s intuitive, simple design makes it the best choice for ease of use and saving time.

jSign’s dashboard allows users to:

jSign screenshot status

See status at a glance

jSign makes it easy to understand which documents are awaiting signatures. It also displays documents with approaching deadlines, completed documents, and status updates in one clean interface. It even shows documents that have expired, been declined, or require other follow-up actions.

jSign screenshot Upload documents

Easily upload documents

jSign makes uploading documents a breeze. You can upload documents from Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, and then sign them directly from your computer or phone.

jSign screenshot view calendar

View the calendar

jSign’s calendar layout allows users to see documents with approaching due dates. It’s one more way that jSign works to enhance your workflow and simplify the electronic signature

jSign screenshot subscription details

Access subscription details

jSign makes it easy and fast to see how many documents your plan has remaining for signatures in a given service month. If you need to upgrade your plan to allow more documents, it’s just a click away and very affordable.

jSign screenshot verify authenticity

Verify Authenticity

jSign allows you to see any changes that have been made to a document after it is signed. This provides an extra layer of security that many e-signature solutions do not offer.

jSign Features

jSign has just enough bells and whistles to make it highly functional and useful. It’s not flooded with fancy features that most people would never have a real use for. jSign allows you to:

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Upload or draw your e-signature, or select one from the gallery

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Select the type and order of signatures needed from each e-signer

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Send sequential documents for e-signing in a specific order

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Send parallel documents to many recipients simultaneously

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Quickly set document due dates and reminders

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Integrate and send signed documents to cloud solutions like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive

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Work with multiple document formats including .docx, .pdf. .xls, and .ppt

jSign offers a 14-day free trial to allow users to test out the interface. There’s no risk in trying this sophisticated yet simple-to-use PandaDoc alternative!

Why Choose jSign for E-signatures?

There are many solid reasons to choose jSign for your electronic signature collection and management. It’s a powerful tool that can make your workflow easier than ever before. jSign lets you send, eSign, collect, and track online signatures very quickly.
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Parallel & Sequential Signature Orders

jSign allows you to automate your e-signing flow and obtain electronic signatures faster with parallel and sequential signature orders. Parallel means it can be sent to numerous signers at the same time. Sequential can be sent to each signer in order, which eliminates signing order confusion and mistakes.

icon free

E-signing for Free

Recipients of jSign documents can sign for free, even if they are not registered jSign users. There is no hassle, obligation, or fees of any kind for the recipients. The entire signing process is straightforward, easy to understand, fast, and free of charge!

icon sign and send file

Certificate of Completion

jSign creates an official Certificate of Completion the moment a document is signed. The certificate records when the document was signed, the location it was signed at, the IP address of the device used to sign with, and the browser used. You can quickly view and download any document’s certificate any time you like in the jSign dashboard.

icon cloud download

Easy Document Retrieval

You can store all of your jSign documents in a cloud-based portal, which makes retrieval easy and fast. And if you ever misplace an agreement that has already been signed, you can always go to your jSign dashboard and redownload it. No problem!

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Legally Binding

Every document signed via jSign creates an auditable trail with information including browser, IP address, longitude and latitude of the signing location, and a timestamp. Documents signed electronically with jSign are legally binding to the same degree as traditional “wet” signatures. jSign is fully compliant with all laws and regulations under the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act).

icon notifications

Instant Notification Upon Signature

You’ll receive an email notification within seconds of a document signing. This is an excellent solution for managing time-sensitive documents. jSign also makes it impossible to backdate signatures, which eliminates any possible confusion about exactly when a contract is finalized.

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Serious About Your Protection

jSign is big on security. Some of jSign’s data security standards include:
  • Automatic sign-out after 30 minutes of dashboard inactivity
  • Two-factor document authentication via email and mobile phone
  • Option to restrict the location of where a document can be signed
  • Blockchain technology to protect documents from fraud and tampering

HIPAA compliance is another core feature of jSign. It’s a popular choice for doctors, medical office administrators, dentists, and other health professionals because it makes getting signatures from patients more convenient and faster than ever before. It also cuts way back on the necessity of printed forms.

Other PandaDoc Alternatives

jSign is one of the best e-signing solutions available. However, there are several other electronic signature platforms out there aside from jSign.

icon signNow logo


signNow is an optional part of the airSlate business cloud, and it can be an effective workflow automation solution for small businesses. The platform has useful features such as custom branding, settable reminders, and the ability to request payments.

However, these features are only available with higher-priced plans. The introductory plan only allows basic document sending and signing. Also, customer support is limited to emailing unless you’re an Enterprise-level subscriber.

icon Adobe Sign logo

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is a component of the comprehensive Adobe Document Cloud, and it is one of the best electronic signing platforms available. It is also expensive. It also has so many complex features that it confuses many less-techy users. Customer support is limited to emailing or submitting a help ticket – unless you’re subscribing to a higher-priced plan.

icon Form Stack logo

FormStack Sign

Formstack Sign is a popular e-signature solution for healthcare professionals like doctors and dentists. The platform is HIPAA-compliant, however, it is one of the most expensive solutions out there. Further, this platform lacks a mobile app, although it does have an option that allows text message-based document sending. However, even this rather unimpressive option is only available on a higher-priced plan.

icon eversign logo


Like most other e-signature solution platforms, eversign has a quite limited free version (Lite), a few mid-range plan options, and a full-featured Professional Plus plan. If you want customizable branding, the ability to integrate with popular apps, multi-channel customer support, and unlimited document sending and signing, then you’ll have to pay more.

icon HelloSign logo


HelloSign is a Dropbox electronic signature solution that integrates easily with the Dropbox Cloud. It is also compatible with Google Docs, Slack, Salesforce, and some other leading workflow enhancement platforms. Notably, HelloSign offers online customer support via chat and email for all subscribers, regardless of their subscription plans.

icon AltoSign logo


AltoSign is free and useful for electronically signing PDF documents. This app allows you to reorder pages, remove selected pages, and combine more than one document. Users can also add passwords to protect their documents. Of course, being free, AltoSign lacks the numerous features of the better PandaDoc competitors. This solution is generally not adequate for meeting the needs of small business enterprises.

icon JotForm logo


JotForm is unique among other PandaDoc alternatives. It features a drag & drop form builder that allows you to create and publish documents online. The platform integrates fluently with Slack, PayPal, HubSpot, MailChimp, and other major production apps for small businesses. It also offers a payment platform and can be used for text-based messaging. JotForm serves as a solid supplement to jSign, combining to create a powerful e-signature collection and management solution.

icon SignEasy logo


SignEasy is most useful for small businesses with overseas customers, clients, or vendors. It is compliant with Aadhaar eSign (India), eIDAS (EU), ESIGN, and UETA. This platform offers attractive features, but they are reserved for higher-priced subscription tiers. Without paying for a top-tier subscription, users can only send up to 5 documents per month, and customer support is almost nonexistent.

icon SignRequest logo


SignRequest is based in the UK, offers the same main features as PandaDoc, and allows various app integrations that combine to enhance the workflow in your small business. Custom branding, unlimited document sending and signing, drag and drop PDF editing, and other useful features are limited for users with top-tier subscription plans. Customer service hours are limited to standard UK business hours, which can be an issue if you live outside of the UK.

icon OneSpan logo


OneSpan is a cybersecurity technology company with a feature-rich product suite that offers e-signature services, identity verification, fraud analysis, and document authentication services. However, you have to contact customer service directly to learn about specific services and pricing plans. Nothing is listed on the website.

Who Are PandaDoc Competitors?

Aside from jSign and those reviewed above, PandaDoc has various competitors, including GetAccept, Citrix, SignX, Nitro Cloud, HoneyBook, eSignLive, and Authentisign just to name several. With so many options out there to consider, how do you choose the best one to meet the unique needs of your small business?
Let’s take a look at how to choose the best e-signature solution for you and your small business.

What to Look For in PandaDoc Alternatives

There are some common threads between the available e-signature solutions. The things that are of concern to most small business owners when it comes to choosing the best solution are price, features, ease of use, adequate customer support, and of course free trials!
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Features & Pricing

When choosing between PandaDoc competitors, compare their features and associated pricing plans. You will find that, in most cases, the most attractive features are omitted from the free basic plans. Overall, you need to match the features and pricing with the manner that you do business in.

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Easy to Use

Nobody wants to pay for a suite of fancy features that they are never going to use! Make sure that you’re only pricing features that you will use. There are a lot of platforms with complicated dashboards and so many features that it frightens many users, making them not even want to use it at all. Remember the purpose of the solution you choose is to enhance workflow, not hinder it.

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Customer Support

Customer support is a good thing and nobody wants to create a help ticket when their need for help is urgent!

Make sure that the e-signature solution you choose has good customer reviews and customer support that is there if and when you need it. After all, it’s not unreasonable to expect excellent customer service from any business that offers products or services. Take a minute to call the company or initiate a chat message, and then determine if it is at least adequate to meet your needs.

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Legally Binding

It seems obvious that any platform offering electronic signature services would ensure that documents processed are legally binding. However, It always pays to read the small print before entering into any agreement. All reputable PandaDoc alternatives should be ESIGN and UETA compliant, at a minimum. If you are unsure about this, contact the company directly and ask. It’s important!

icon cheaper

Free Trials

Most PandaDoc competitors offer a free trial period for users to explore the platform and make sure it’s going to meet their long-term needs and budget.

We believe that jSign is the best option available for electronic signature collection and management.

However, you know the inner workings and needs of your small business better than anyone else. Regardless of the e-signature solution you opt to go with, it is good to Go Green and reduce the number of paper documents that your small business generates.

Enjoy exploring your options between the leading PandaDoc alternatives. Here’s to business!

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Worry-free Document Signing in the Cloud

Whether you’re signing a document or need to collect signatures, jSign makes electronic signing a breeze. Get started today.