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DigiSigner Alternatives for Small Businesses – Efficient & Effective

DigiSigner is an electronic signature service for small businesses to sign documents online. It’s easy to use and quite popular with small business owners.

Even though DigiSigner is a significant improvement over its peers, the product is still not quite effective. Users of DigiSigner are more likely to have a seamless experience with jSign.

jSign is carefully designed to overcome the inconveniences of DigiSigner and other conventional e-signature platforms. jSign is also affordable, fast, intuitive, and comprises features necessary for supporting all e-signature formats, making it an ideal choice.

jSign: The Best DigiSigner Alternative

Collecting electronic signatures from clients, contractors, customers, and employees has never been easy.

jSign aims to change this by providing a novel e-signature solution that is affordable, fast, user-friendly, and still powerful. Its design and features are inspired by the best qualities of other e-signature solutions. In other words, jSign compiles all the best features tailored to give you a seamless user experience.

With jSign, you can sign, send, track, and collect electronic signatures in minutes. There’s also a feature that lets you decide the order you’d like your signatories to sign. jSign is a comprehensive e-signature solution covering all the e-signing needs of any small business.

Why jSign is the Top Alternative Choice

graphic jsign dashboard

Simple to Use

jSign is designed with common users in mind. The platform’s dashboard has an intuitive layout for quick navigation and access to features. Popular options are seen on the home screen, making it easy for users to access services that they frequently use.

graphic jsign verify authenticity

Safe & Protected

jSign is built with blockchain technology to help prevent fraud and tampering, and you can even verify the authenticity of documents right in the tool. With jSign, you can rest assured that the safety and authenticity of your documents are intact.

graphic jsign upload


jSign allows users to quickly upload documents from their devices and other sources like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. It also notifies users in real-time when their documents have been fully signed, so there’s no delay.

graphic jsign real-time document tracking

Real-time Document Tracking

jSign enables users to track the progress of documents in the system. You can see which documents are awaiting your signature and the progress of documents you’ve asked others to sign. You can also see which documents have been declined or expired.

graphic jsign subscription plans

Flexible Subscription Plans

jSign users can assess their needs and choose the best plans for their business. The subscription plans also allow users to upgrade according to their requirements. This flexibility is crucial for small and medium businesses whose e-signature needs keep changing as they grow.

jSign Features

jSign is a fully dedicated e-signature solution with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. Here are some of the defining features of jSign.

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Upload or draw your e-signature, or choose one from a variety of fonts

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Select the order of signatures needed from each e-signer

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Send documents to many recipients simultaneously

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Quickly set document due dates and reminders

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Integrate cloud solutions like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive

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Use multiple document formats including .docx, .pdf, .xls, and .ppt

Why Choose jSign for E-Signatures

jSign is an ultramodern e-signature platform that focuses on simplicity and gives users value for the money. It’s a powerful tool that’s intentionally designed to make workflows easier.


Free E-signing

jSign allows recipients of documents to sign for free, regardless of whether they’re registered jSign users or not. jSign also has a 14-day free trial period so users can test the product. One of the primary goals of jSign is to provide an e-signature product that is straightforward, easy to use, fast, and free of charge to secondary users.

icon cloud download

Easy Document Retrieval

jSign is not just for signing documents. It can also be used as online storage. The portal has a search feature that makes it easy for users to access documents, meaning you can easily retrieve any lost documents by quickly re-downloading them.

icon instant notifications

Instant Notifications

With jSign, you receive notifications once documents are signed, which is extremely useful for time-sensitive documents. Once all the signers have signed a document, a notification email is sent to the owner.

icon circle with 3 cirles

Parallel & Sequential Signing Orders

Decide the order in which different signers are required to sign your documents. jSign supports both parallel and sequential e-signing. In parallel, the document is shared with multiple signatories who sign the document randomly. With sequential order, the document is sent to signers in a particular order.

icon certificate of completion

Certificate of Completion

For documentation purposes, jSign creates a Certificate of Completion once a document has been fully signed. The certificate indicates when the document was signed, where it was signed, the browser used, and the IP address of the device used to sign. This ensures the authenticity of your signed document.

icon legally binding

Legally Binding

jSign is compliant with e-signature laws, such as Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act). This makes jSign signatures as legally binding as traditional signatures.

icon safe and protected

Safe & Protected

Built with blockchain technology, jSign helps eliminate the risk of tampering. There’s also two-factor authentication, and users can limit locations where a document can be signed. To help ensure the safety of sensitive documents, jSign supports regulations such as HIPAA, which makes it usable across all industries – including healthcare.

Get documents signed worry-free with jSign.

Browse our plans and review their features to find the right one for your needs!

How Does jSign Stand Up to Other Solutions?

The e-signature market is quite expansive. There are various big names that have dominated the market for several years. Let’s look at how jSign compares to some of the competition.

icon DigiSigner logo


DigiSigner is one of the big brands in the e-signature sector. The platform allows its users to sign documents and close deals from anywhere in the world. DigiSigner can be used on a variety of platforms, including laptops, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. It’s also compliant with virtually all e-signature laws.

Even though DigiSigner markets itself as a fast and intuitive product, its user interfaces are not as crisp. Accessing some features requires advanced knowledge about the product. It is also a little challenging for users to organize their documents and track them when shared out for signing. In short, DigiSigner is a relatively complex solution.

icon Citrix logo


Citrix describes itself as an all-in-one, easy-to-use solution for any business. Citrix has made its name in the market by offering a single guided experience that helps its users upload, transmit, fill out, sign, and return electronic contracts and documents without having to sign. The solution boasts of bank-level encryption and security features.

Even though Citrix’s RightSignature solution is popular, it has various flaws. First of all, the product’s customer support is unresponsive. Also, the subscription plans are a bit expensive and rigid. Customers cannot update their plans in accordance with their needs. Citrix’s e-signature solution has also been accused of being too complex.

icon Foxit eSign logo

Foxit eSign

Foxit eSign is an ultramodern e-signature solution known to be simple, fast, and affordable. The solution provides e-sign services that are secure and legally binding. Foxit eSign shares various features with jSign, such as real-time notifications and security features. Although Foxit eSign has grown to claim a significant market share, it has various weaknesses. The technical support is awful. Often uploading of files can be slow. The graphics of the product are not up to standards.

icon Nitro Cloud logo

Nitro Cloud

Nitro Cloud is a comprehensive resource that enables teams to create, combine, edit, convert, e-sign, and share PDFs. Nitro Cloud is specifically designed to increase the agility and productivity of team members. The platform is also fitted with data analytics features which play a fundamental role in providing insights when making decisions.

Even though Nitro Cloud offers unlimited e-signatures, it is far more expensive than most e-signature solutions. It also requires users to pay a reactivation fee whenever they switch to different services. The customer support is unreliable, and the product often crashes. Nitro Cloud also has challenges working on certain PDF formats.

icon OneSpan logo


OneSpan e-signature solution is one of the few e-sign products trusted by Fortune 500 companies. OneSpan is very secure, compliant with virtually all regulations, and easy to use. OneSpan has been in the market for more than 20 years providing e-sign services to businesses of all sizes. Although OneSpan is a top-notch e-signature solution, it is very expensive, limiting its usability to established enterprises only. jSign matches the qualities of OneSpan but at a fraction of its price.

Who Are DigiSigners Competitors?

There are several electronic signature and document management options available in the market. However, just a handful of them command a larger percentage of the e-signature space. This section lists the top 15 digital e-signature software solutions based on features, speed, and ease of use.
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Formstack Sign

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Nitro Cloud

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What to Consider When Choosing an E-signature Solution

A business looking for an e-signature service should consider various factors before settling on any one solution.

icon features


Business needs are satisfied by the specific features of an e-signature service. When hunting for the right solution, you should consider the features offered and only settle for something that meets your unique needs.

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Pricing is an important factor when deciding on the right solution. Don’t settle for a service that adds unnecessary pressure on your finances.

icon usability


Usability is paramount when choosing an e-signature solution. The right service should be easy to use and guarantee users quick signing of documents.

icon legally binding

Legally Binding

Signed documents are often legal documents. The right solution should offer traceability features and be compliant with e-sign laws and regulations. It should also support HIPAA and data privacy laws.

icon customer support

Customer Support

Vendors of the product should be available to respond to customer queries and complaints. An ideal product should offer real-time customer support.

icon other considerations

Other considerations

Another factor to consider when choosing the right e-signature solution is the availability of a free trial period. A good service should allow you to test the product for at least a week to ensure it meets your needs. Other factors to think about are intuitiveness and integration with your other business solutions.

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